4 Outstanding Employee Engagement Ideas for a Virtual Workplace

As an employer, you want to attract the best talent.

You know that employee engagement and retention is your priority. Nowadays, the job market is highly volatile; employees feel bored with their work and start job hunting elsewhere.

Quick turnover drains your company both creatively and financially. Employee turnover seriously affects the quality of an individual or teamwork.

If many employees leave a company, the organization may suffer from the golden combination of skill, talent, and crucial institutional knowledge that institutions thrive.

To improve employee engagement, here are five ideas.

#1. Praise your employees

Praise excellent work. An uplifting word may make someone’s day. In a remote setting, activate an employee recognition software. This software helps to operationalize how you reward and recognize employees.

Employee recognition software is a browser-based application where managers can give monetary rewards and formal awards to employees for excellent performance.

This approach could drastically improve employee engagement and makes praising your coworkers a breeze when you can’t physically congratulate them.

#2. Encourage work-life balance

Prioritizing the work-life balance of your employees not only boosts their wellbeing but keeps them engaged. People find it challenging to balance personal life and work, to feel good that both areas are receiving enough attention.

In a virtual setting, provide flexible hours where employees with kids or hobbies find the freedom to enjoy life to the fullest and still get their work done.

Work-life balance means different scenarios for different employees, so consult with your team and improve it.

Mostly you’ll find that a flexible work schedule could be the easiest way to help your employees balance work and home.

#3. Set up health and wellness programs

Kevin Sheridan, A New York best-selling author, says the bottom line to employee engagement is instituting health and wellness programs.

Likewise, many research studies point out that wellness initiatives not only give higher engagement and productivity but also reduce turnover. So pick the wellness program ideas that’ll benefit your employees.

Corporate Sports offers wellness programs tailored to your needs, including nutritional and health seminars, fitness sessions, mindfulness workshops, one-on-one coaching, and more.

Even if your employees want to create custom challenges with meaningful topics, we strategize customized packages according to their preferences.

#4. Promote perks that increase mental and physical wellbeing

Perks make your virtual workplace a more fun place to work––––also, it’s a welcome addition to salary and wages.

Some perks may include the following.

  • Meal reimbursements for business travel
  • Company-sponsored sports teams
  • Gym membership
  • Fun team outings
  • Paid time off for volunteering
  • E-Sports tournaments and online virtual engagements
  • Event tickets
  • Health and wellness services

Corporate Sports is excited to start a program called Couch to 5K to motivate people to increase their fitness levels. A healthy, fit, and a happy employee is a valuable asset to an organization.

Likewise, we have Esports tournaments where you could encourage your employees to take part in and reap plenty of wellness benefits such as stress reduction and an enhanced sense of wellbeing.

Significant benefits of employee engagement

Under these new normal conditions, it would be helpful if you prioritize maximum employee engagement and satisfaction. Keep your eyes on the prize for increased camaraderie, enhanced productivity, and employee retention and loyalty.

A remote team that’s happy and collaborating will be more engaged and efficient—a positive and collaborative approach results in strengthening work relationships and morale.

If employees feel their voice is heard and appreciated, they will bring in more results and be engaged. Ignoring issues and neglecting staff will make them feel unappreciated and demotivated.

When employees feel unsupported by their employers, they become disengaged and may think about a job change. An engaged workforce can be a loyal one and will be integral to the success of your business.

If you’re planning to enhance employee engagement for your virtual workforce, please contact our wellness professionals.

Likewise, if you have any comments, questions, or feedback, please drop a line in the comments section below. Our support staff will get back to you in no time to clear your doubts.