6 Tips to Staying Calm During Coronavirus Scare

The coronavirus is spreading like a forest fire. The death tolls and the spread of infection create a sense of panic, and you begin to feel anxious.

As a result, you may become nervous, restless, and even hyperventilate.

Anxiety causes some severe effects on your body. It results in impaired immune function, digestive dysfunction, and causes changes to your heart rate. 

Prolonged anxiety may lead to depression. To help you out, we’ve discussed six tips for staying calm in these troubled times.

#1 Acknowledge that you’re anxious

It’s okay to feel anxious-we are humans, and it’s perfectly natural to feel anxious about an occurrence of such a large magnitude. Psychologists say that the more you’re unwilling to accept anxiety, the more it increases. 

Being anxious helps you to get prepared and be safe. Instead of wallowing in anxiety, take proactive measures by staying at home, practicing social distancing, and following all the preventive measures

#2 Ask for help

Anxiety can make you numb with fear, so open up, help is out there. You can seek support from anyone: a family member, a friend, or a religious leader. You can even seek advice from the net; there are plenty of websites and helplines that can help to deal with your anxiety issues.

Likewise, you can even reach out to us. Corporate Sports is hosting wellness webinars to help you out during these challenging times. Tune in to our webinars and feel calm and relaxed.

#3 Unplug when you can

Try to avoid information overload. Social media bombards news that may cause “anticipatory anxiety”-that’s everybody waiting for something terrible to happen. Involve yourself in some calming activities like listening to music, or practicing yoga. Keep yourself abreast of the news from reputed sources such as WHO, DHA, or CDC. 

#4 Connect with people

Though you may be in self-isolation, practicing social distancing, and staying at home, you must keep in touch with your friends and family at this critical juncture. 

Try to connect with people who help you to stay calm rather than create chaos. Video chat, send them text messages, emails, or give them a phone call-whatever means you try, connect with people who bring out the best in you. 

Good relationships significantly boost your happiness and your health as well. During this lockdown, connect with people whom you feel comfortable talking to, take your concerns seriously, make you feel valued, and help to solve your problems.

#5 Practice self-love

Fear signals that we’re merely human. So be kind to yourself. Terrible things are happening right now: practice self-care. Sustain regular routines that make you feel comfortable. 

Slow down and cultivate healthy practices such as eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep, and exercising. Avoid self-destructive behaviors such as smoking and consuming alcohol.

To stay calm, invest your time in holistic wellness. Focus on things that you can control your mind, body, and spirit. Try bodyweight exercises or check some online workouts. 

Exercise is a healthy distraction, especially during the lockdown. Also, enrich yourself with yoga, meditation, religious, and spiritual practices. Likewise, consider the healing impacts of singing, dancing, making art, journaling, and helping others. 

#6 Keep your expectations real

Your routine may have unraveled entirely in the last few weeks. You may be working from home as well as be a full-time caregiver. While you may hit the road running, expect a few snags in your productivity and effectiveness.

It’s essential to set reasonable goals at this juncture. You may feel the pressure with online schooling and extracurricular activities. Prioritize a few goals and activities that are most important to you and your family and let go off the rest. 

Plan family activities that you look forward to. It’s okay to let your kids watch tv or play on the tablet while you read a good book or talk to your friend. Your mental health is essential to stay calm during these tough times.

While you can’t drive anxiety with a big stick, Try to follow these steps to stay calm and enjoy peace of mind.