7 Healthy Snack Ideas for Busy People

What you eat during a ‘snack attack’ can have a significant impact on your health. Eating nutritious snacks boosts your overall health and lowers the risk of chronic diseases.

Also, it enhances brain power, regulates mood, fights weight gain, curbs cravings, and keeps you energetic all day long – isn’t all that we wish for daily?! After all “you are what you eat.”

Benefits of eating nutritious snacks

Healthy snacking prevents overeating and avoids extreme hunger. Small frequent meals for every 3 to 5 hours help you in your weight control goals.

On an average 9 to 5 job it is best recommended to prepare healthy snacks. Eating frequent small snacks boosts blood sugar levels and revs up your metabolism as well. Similarly, it banishes post-meal sleepiness and keeps you going all through the day.

Some easy tips for workaholics

When you’re busy, the last thing you want to eat is a healthy snack. If you’re in a hurry, you’ll grab something to eat and move on- and mostly it will be junk. Here are some brilliant healthy snack ideas for enhanced wellbeing.

Smoked salmon crackers

An entirely satisfying snack that keeps you going even when there is a six-hour gap between meals. Smoked salmon crackers combine healthy fats, proteins, and a few carbs along with a healthy serving of veggies. Whip it within 5 min and its good to go.

Cheese is an excellent source of protein, calcium, and omega 3 fatty acids. Salmon is a rich source of protective antioxidant astaxanthin and an excellent high-quality protein source as well.

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Hummus and veggies

Prepare this super creamy beetroot hummus in a jiffy with minimal ingredients, and if you’re short of time, buy pre-cooked beetroot from a supermarket. Tinned chickpeas, roasted beetroots, lemon juice, garlic, and cumin are all the ingredients you need to prepare this recipe.

Blend all the ingredients in the food processor and adjust seasoning as needed –woaah you’re good to go. You can dip it with olives, carrot, cucumber, celery, crackers, bread or just on its own – finger licking good’.

Beetroot is an excellent source of folic acid and a good source of manganese and potassium that’ll keep you active all through the day.

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Yogurt with nuts and berries

Greek yogurt is packed with protein that’s essential to keep your skin healthy. The probiotics present in Greek yogurt increases the good bacteria in your gut.

Likewise, it boosts your digestive health, as well. It’s especially excellent for people with irritable bowel syndrome. The vitamin B12 present in Greek yogurt boosts your brain performance. Also, the presence of iodine and calcium keeps you fit. You can store various flavored yogurt options and add some berries, nuts, or seeds to make it power-packed.

If you’re a chocolate lover, then you’ll get super excited about these recipes- chocolate almond balls and stuffed chocolate dates.

First let’s try chocolate almond balls. Perfect for an easy and quick snack, this chocolate, coconut, almond energy balls are easy to prepare and keeps you energized as well. The ingredients that go into these nutritious balls include the date, almonds, chocolate chips, oats, and unsweetened coconut. Dates are high in fiber and antioxidants that’ll boost your performance all day long.

To make this snack, mix all the ingredients in a food processor and make it into even-sized balls. Finally, roll them over coconut shreds.

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Chocolate dates- A terrific combination.These yummy chocolate date snacks are easy to make and require only a few ingredients. They need just 20 minutes of your time. You can make a decent number during weekends and store them in the fridge. Just throw a couple of them in your snack box, and you’re good to go. Dates, almond, or peanut butter, dark chocolate are the things you’ll need to make this snack.

Dates are rich in proteins and vitamins. Likewise, dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants and positively affects your health. Peanut butter is suitable for your bowel health and fortifies your bone and muscles.

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Pink smoothie

A nutritious blend of veggies and fruits, the pink smoothie is your ultimate choice for the hot Dubai summer. Cubed watermelon, beetroot, mint leaves, and raspberries go into this delicious pink smoothie.

Watermelon contains nutrients that help you hydrate, lower oxidative stress, and boost heart health. Raspberries are high in antioxidants and keep you young — a delicious way to stay healthy.

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Camel milk pancakes

There is no shortage of supply for camel milk in Dubai; since it’s a desert country. Here’s how you’ll go about making camel milk pancakes.


Take 1 cup of whole wheat flour.

Half a liter of camel milk


1 tsp vanilla extract

Four organic eggs


Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl. While mixing, start heating the pan in low heat. Butter the pan with a dollop. Gently pour the batter and cook until the pancakes are ready.

Camel milk is good for your immune system. Since it contains less lactose, it’s suitable for people with lactose intolerance. Also, it significantly boosts your brain health.

Tips for boosting your daily energy

Snack mindfully, be aware of what you eat — stock up on fruits, veggies, whole grain cereals, nuts, and milk. Always keep healthy snacks on hand to better avoid junk food. Keep the foods such as iced veggies, yogurt, milk, and whole-grain crackers easily on hand to quickly grab.

Eat snacks that’ll boost your nutrient intake, essentially shortfall nutrients. Vitamin D, calcium, potassium, and fiber are some of the shortfall nutrients and are found plenty in milk.

Select protein-rich foods to boost your energy levels, read the nutrition labels, and be attentive to portion sizes. Make healthy snacking a corporate culture. Employees are the pillars of your business. Show them you care by ordering regular fruit delivery service to your office. You can even order fruit platters for your boardroom meetings. Corporate fruit offering is an excellent choice to boost employee performance.