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5 Inspiring Women Winning At Life

In amongst the expanding COVID-19 fear which is taking hold of the world, it is important to reflect on the good things that are happening too. Always seek perspective and be grateful for the positive things that you do have in life, both tangible and intangible. Since we have recently celebrated International Women’s Day, let’s […]

CSC2020 | Coronavirus | Services

Bad News First The World Health Organization (WHO) has characterised the COVID-19 as a pandemic.  Never before has a coronavirus sparked a pandemic. In light of this information, and in full support of both local and international authorities, we have decided to continue with the postponement of the Corporate Sports Championship 2020 until further notice, since it is a […]

The Link between Fitness and Productivity

When we consider the benefits of physical fitness, we generally think about weight management, a healthier heart, better circulation, and lower blood pressure. However, what is commonly overlooked is that exercise has a massively positive impact on the way we think, and therefore, how we perform in our jobs. In this blog, we’ll explore how […]

Benefits of Taking Regular Breaks At the Office

Tying yourself to your desk, to work overtime, or agreeing to take special projects without taking a break is a sure recipe for disaster. Over-stress at work results in performance issues such as lack of optimal output, low quality work, use of harsh language, reduced productivity, lack of morale, engagement, and motivation. Likewise, warning signs […]

Record breaking opening day at Corporate Sports Championship

Over 1200 athletes and spectators flock to Dubai’s Ultimate Sports Experience The UAE’s premier corporate sports event, Corporate Sports Championship, held in partnership with the Dubai Sports Council, Dubai Police and Great Place To Work, got off to a stunning start in Dubai today as over 700 athletes, representing 32 of the UAE’s leading companies, […]

Do corporate health initiatives reduce absenteeism?

Employees are your company’s greatest assets. Unhealthy employees have lower productivity and increased absenteeism. As an employer, you have a unique opportunity and responsibility to foster a healthy working environment in your organization. You can provide relevant information and resources to encourage employees to take personal responsibility for their health. As a result, you can […]

Welcome to the Championship 2020

The Corporate Sports Championship

Whilst most of you are all preparing to participate in the big weekend at the end of February, we have gathered some key information that you will need to know, from Pre-Championship Training Sessions (Sign-ups required) to the awards that are up for grabs and a special welcome to our event partners. Official Hashtag: #CSC2020For any queries about the […]