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5 Reasons Why You Need a Sports Day in The Office

There’s nothing to bring all of us together like good sports games. Sport is a great connecting fiber across communities, from the International Cup like Euro 2020, which brought all of us together this summer to North and South Korea in the Winter Olympics. It’s also a great way to build friendship, enhance your health, […]

Better employee engagement post-Covid

True employee engagement doesn’t come from merely receiving material benefits but from feeling genuinely valued by the organization for which they work. It would be an easy mistake to imagine that the Covid pandemic and the uncertainty that accompanied it would diminish employee engagement levels, however, a recent study has found that employee engagement may […]

Employee Engagement – Medicine for any organization

If it’s the people that make the organization, company success is dependent on having a workforce that is highly enthusiastic and motivated. In this day and age, a workplace should be more than just somewhere people do shifts and then leave without any feelings of attachment… or worse still, with feelings of relief! They should […]

Employee Wellness – An employee’s perspective

Recently, we covered the importance of employee wellbeing from a CEO’s perspective. Taken from this point of view, there are three major benefits to investing in employee wellness: increased productivity, better employee engagement, and greater employee retention. It boils down to one thing: the healthier the employee, the healthier the organization. Wellness can be defined […]

Creating a Positive Workplace for Employee Mental Health

As employees, receiving reward and recognition when we perform well makes us feel acknowledged and appreciated. We are also more likely to continue to perform well if our performance results in a positive outcome. This is because recognition and rewards are powerful motivators. They are associated with many of the positive emotions that we want […]