Back to the Office After Lockdown: A Personal and Business Checklist.

As the new normal sets in, Dubai has opened all its facilities. From malls to public transport to offices and even kids’ summer camps have reopened.

As a responsible person, it’s up to you to take precautionary measures to avoid unnecessary risks. Likewise, as an employer, it’s your prime concern to ensure the safety of your employees.

Here we discuss all possible ways to be safe and healthy during these trying times.

Personal checklist

Here is all you need to know about being safe at work and ensuring all your loved ones are safe.

Precautions before leaving home

Wear a mask and gloves while you venture out. Always have some spare masks and gloves in a sealed bag. It’s best to carry a hand sanitizer and pocket tissues to use in places where you can’t use soap and water. Wear light clothes and stay home if you feel unwell.

During the commute

If you travel in your car, make sure to disinfect all the high touchpoints, including door handles, steering wheels, gear, and sun visors. If you’re using public transport, arrive at the station a bit earlier to avoid peak times.

Observe social distancing practices, avoid touching your face or other surfaces unnecessarily. Even if you’re wearing gloves, it’s a must that you use sanitizer over it. Avoid touching your face with gloved hands.

In the office

Office life will require an adjustment with no more group lunches or large gatherings and the most exciting water cooler chats without social distancing. Avoid hugs or handshakes and ensure you maintain a 2m to 6m distance from others.

Please wash your hands regularly, or sanitize them at appropriate intervals. It’s highly recommended to touch door handles and elevator buttons with tissues.

The common flu is still making the rounds, so practice good respiratory hygiene. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or bent elbow whole coughing or sneezing. Sanitize all the surfaces that you’re using.

While going back home

Please take off your mask and gloves before entering your home and throw them in a closed bin. If possible, sanitize your shoes and put them in a closet. Likewise, sanitize your wallet and keys. Put your clothes for wash and take a refreshing shower.

Business Checklist

In the post lockdown era, companies need to implement new safety precautions and strategies to ensure a safe working environment.

Facilities management

Supervise that all surfaces are routinely cleaned and disinfected. Supply masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers to your employees. Rearrange sitting arrangements and office structures. Ask your employees to take personal responsibility for sanitation. Discourage face to face meetings and conduct video conferencing.

Consider installing high-efficiency air filters or better ventilation systems to reduce the viral load in your office interiors. If possible, install antimicrobial hardware all over your facility. Invest in cloud-based security systems and mobile credentials to remove the need for physical badges and key cards. Set new social distancing policies generally in crowded areas such as entries, common places, and lobbies.

You can take your security precautions a notch higher and invest in touch-free elevator technology. Likewise, you can automate symptom screenings for your employees by connecting web-based attestation forms to a security system through an open API.

Communication and training

Motivate your employees during these challenging times and praise there successes and achievements. Give proper training and guidance on new policies and procedures.

Identify members of your staff members who’ll be implementing these changes and monitor compliance. Allocate a person who’ll answer employee questions and concerns. Be sure to ensure to protect the mental wellbeing of your employees.


Prepare a plan for the second wave of the virus, shutdowns, and any future pandemics. Make sure you have quick close procedures if the virus reoccurrence resumes lockdown—plan for materials that are needed to be used in case of future closures.

Take your time to observe and learn from other companies how they plan to cope with future pandemics or even a second wave of coronavirus infections. Co-ordinate action plans with other enterprises sharing the same building and your landlord as well.

Do you still have any wellness concerns about employee safety? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our wellness specialists. We are always happy to help you.