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Corporate Sports Sustainability Programs

Corporate Sports are the exemplary professionals who will turnkey your CSR requirements, ensuring shared value for all stakeholders. We work with carefully selected suppliers who are passionate about specific initiatives ensuring a fun day out for staff, and ultimately meaningful outputs.

Make Dolls for Refugee Children

Gather your team to embark on a journey of creativity in creating unique dolls that will be gifted to children who have very little.

The activity begins with an informed introduction about the refugee children, and basic sewing techniques. Thereafter, you’ll begin a guided session on how to make the dolls step-by-step. Finally, the team will take a group photo and package the dolls to be sent to the children. It’s the small things that can make all the difference in someone’s life.

Save the Planet. Plant Trees

Climate change is real. Forests around the world are disappearing. We can give you the opportunity to plant as many trees as possible, to ensure that what has been and is being taken away, is replaced with interest.

The activity begins with refreshments and an awareness introduction the local environment, thereafter you will head over to the forest to plant local or national trees. The activity concludes with a lovely picnic with your team in the reserve

Make Wigs for Children with Cancer

Bring joy to the children struggling with cancer by creating fun and colourful wigs. Unlike normal wigs, yarn-wigs are soft, warm and comfortable. The activity will begin with an introduction and briefing, then wig-making and finally the activity will finish with a team photo with the finished items.

Help Protect Marine Life by Cleaning Beaches

By 2050, it is predicted that there will be as much plastic in the ocean as there are fish, if things continue as is. This activity is an opportunity for you and your colleagues to help reduce the amount of plastic in the oceans, by removing those which wash up onto the beach. Every little bit counts.



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