Corporate Sports and SISD Announce Strategic Venue Partnership

Corporate Sports and SISD Announce Strategic Venue Partnership: Corporate Sports, a leading UAE-based company dedicated to supporting and facilitating corporate wellness and sports, and Swiss International Scientific School Dubai (SISD), one of the region’s leading educational institutions, have signed a strategic venue partnership which will see SISD hosting the Corporate Sports Championship 2019.

Corporate Sports provides a range of tailor-made solutions such as Corporate Wellness Programs and organizes sports tournaments and leagues to suit specific interests and individual business needs. It is currently finalizing local partners ahead of its flagship event, the Annual Corporate Sports Championship 2019 – a world-class event that will bring regional corporates and employees together over the course of a full weekend to enhance employee engagement, improve work-life balance, facilitate friendly competition, and provide great entertainment.

SISD’s uber-modern and spacious campus with its top-class sports facilities, central location in Dubai Healthcare City Phase 2, and the school’s commitment to providing a wide range of sports for its students, made it a perfect fit for Corporate Sports. With both partners sharing similar views of the power of participation in sports, it is a natural partnership. Corporate Sports’ aim is to promote employee engagement and work-life balance, healthy living, and, ultimately, boost corporate performance and profit. Similarly, SISD’s believes sports competitions and after-school activities help students have fit and healthy lifestyles, work together, acquire leadership skills, and learn to make decisions under pressure, and that after-school activities are meant to take kids beyond their limits and encourages them to do so.

Founder and CEO of Corporate Sports, Mohammed Husary said,

For the Corporate Sports Championship, we partnered with a venue that was second to none. In SISD, we found the best sports facilities, as well as a shared passion for sport. Being one of the founding parents in the school with 3 of my sons Abdullah, Hamzeh, and Ahmed attending the School since it opened its doors, I have experienced how committed they are and the capabilities of their school facilities.

Omar Danial, Founder and CEO of SISD said,

We are delighted to host the Corporates Sports Championship because truly reflects our school’s ethos. At SISD we believe that sports are essential in teaching children important lessons like team work and learning to appreciate different strengths in their peers. Our commitment to creating a healthy dynamic and sharing community goes beyond our school campus and being involved in events such as these is so important as it brings together people from the wider UAE community and inspires people young and old to stay active. This is all part of a balanced lifestyle that we strongly encourage at our school.

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