Corporate Sports Celebrity Team Building Challenge

Team Building Challenge

With preparations heating up for the official Dubai Corporate Sports Championship, in collaboration with the Dubai Sports Council, to be held on February 22nd and 23rd, we put some high profile competitors to the test in our Celebrity Team Building Challenge.

Ten leading media personalities and social media influencers gathered at the Swiss International Scientific School in Al Jadaf to compete in a four-way tug-of-war and battle it out to see who is the fittest and strongest.

But the intensity of the challenge surprised our fearless celebrities, and only a few managed to compete in all five grueling rounds.

Though weight and strength are important for the tug-of-war, it became apparent that choice of shoes was also a deciding factor.

Some of the strongest in the competition were soon sliding on the grass and being beaten by less physical opponents.

“Much harder than I thought”

Host of the TV show Guy in Dubai, Paris Norriss, said after the Celebrity Team Building Challenge: “It’s absolutely exhausting.

“Much harder than I thought and needless to say, I didn’t win any of the rounds.

“I found myself being pulled around from all directions but we still managed to have a lot of fun.”

Other competitors included fitness influencer Rob Donker, Founder of MENA Speakers, Saana Azzam and Animal Rights activist Zara Hovelsas.

The tug-of-war is just one of the 18 sports that will take place at the Dubai Corporate Sports Championship on the 22nd & 23rd of February where companies from across the country will enter their teams to compete against other companies in the ultimate sports day.