Corporate Sports Demonstrates Commitment to Community Wellness with Dubai Municipality E-Tournament

Adapting to the COVID Age by giving back to the community and bringing people together


Dubai, May 10, 2020 – Corporate Sports is extending their promise of bringing wellness to organizations to the wider community with a hugely popular e-tournament for Dubai Municipality front line staff, employees, and their families. The PS4 FIFA20 Tournament took place from May 5-10 with 64 players scoring 504 goals in the virtual sporting event.

Committed to the physical and mental wellbeing of employees all over the UAE, Corporate Sports is actively giving back to the community and safeguarding the wellness of the Key Work Force by engaging them in e-sports. The unprecedent nature of COVID-19 has thrust society into a new way of life and work. Challenging situations such as this make it even more necessary to support community wellbeing by building morale and enabling quality engagement and interaction. There was a great response to the event which saw online competitors playing home and away legs, and ultimately qualifying for knock-out rounds. Participation was capped at 64 players and attracted interested from a wide range of age-groups; 31 aged between 9-19, 20 aged between 20-29, 8 aged from 30-35, and 5 over 36 years’ old. The Tournament was open to all family members and all participants were from the UAE and in the first response units, as well as Dubai Health Authority (DHA). 

Corporate Sports Founder and CEO, Mohammed Al Husary said, “Our commitment to corporate wellbeing remains as strong as ever. Employees are the greatest asset of any organisation, and now for many of them, their homes have become their workplaces. Esports is a wonderful way to help them stay engaged.”

“Isolation often intensifies challenges to wellbeing. That’s why our role now is as crucial as ever, and our promise to bring wellness to workplace will always continue despite the circumstances,” he added.

President of Dubai Municipality Club, Walid Al Shaibani said, “Keeping our employees engaged and healthy through these troubling times is a priority. Corporate Sports has been invaluable and has found unique ways to keep our employees engaged and happy through their online virtual events and presence. Thank you, Corporate Sports.”

As engagement through traditional sports is currently not possible because of lockdown conditions, e-sports provide an alternative way of social interaction. The effects of social distancing together with increased emotional stress and anxiety means engagement and social connection is now more important than ever. Isolation can also trigger or exasperate symptoms of loneliness, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorders putting strain on individual’s mental health and the quality of their relationships. However, esports enables people to continue to build relationships, rapport, and a sense of community despite the lockdown.

Corporate Sports is also spreading wellness virtually through a series of health promotion webinars that are engaging employees during lockdown with the best health and wellbeing insight and information. Easily accessible and engaging, the topics include optimal nutrition, mental health awareness, tips for quality sleep, and fitness maintenance.