Corporate Sports Shield Unveiled in Dubai

Dubai: The Corporate Sports Championship Shield has been unveiled at the annual Corporate Sports Championship Dubai, which took place over the 22ndand 23rdof February 2019. 

On February the 23rd the bespoke silverware was presented to du, who was crowned the 2019 Champions. The Corporate Sports Championship Shield will be presented to the winning company each year, who will retain it until the following year, where they will then have to come back and battle the fittest corporates in the region to keep hold of the Shield for another year and prove yet again they are indeed the fittest corporates. Every year the Shield will be passed to the new Champions and keeping in tune with historical world sports trophies, the Shield will be engraved with the victors, producing a rich legacy as the Championship matures. 

The Corporate Sports Championship Shield will document the Championship winners beginning with the 2019 Champions

The spirit of the Championship can be seen in the design of the Shield itself.

Orange is associated with energy, balance, and success, elements that are at the core of the Championship dynamic. The two figures holding hands represent cooperation and comradery, while the rising graph in the background symbolizes the improvement in company performance and bottom line, as a result of enhanced employee health and happiness due to the implementation of a holistic employee wellbeing program and the, of course, the Championship. 

Founder and CEO of Corporate Sports, Mohammed Husary said: 

“The Corporate Sports Championship is a truly unique experience encompassing wellness, engagement, and networking among some of the most prominent companies and leading business personalities in the region.”

“This is why we worked to find something truly unique to not only celebrate the winners of such an event but also something that would create a bit of history and inspire a corporate sports tradition.”

Described as the Ultimate Sports day experience, the Dubai official Corporate Sports Championship takes corporate wellbeing to another level, and benefits businesses, their people, as well as the wider community through related CSR initiatives.

The multi-sport competition offers a unique opportunity for enhancing brand awareness and enjoying professional interaction with colleagues and other like-minded executives at a personal level. The Championship also builds bonds within organizations themselves, bridging management levels and functions to enhance camaraderie and company pride.

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