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Bring Wellbeing to your Workplace

We work in partnership with employers to directly engage
with employees and enhance their health and wellbeing

Corporate Sports is a leading wellbeing provider, offering expert advice, wellbeing assessments and resources across all industries and sectors. 

Our goal is to unlock potential and accelerate performance by enhancing employees’ engagement, health, happiness, and productivity.

We empower employees to make informed wellbeing choices for their personal benefit that lead to professional improvement. 

Our solutions help create a company culture that cultivates healthy lifestyle habits and multiply productivity.

Boost productivity by looking after employee wellbeing

Corporate Sports is bringing wellbeing to the workplace, through our digital platform and wellbeing solutions that assist with all areas of employee wellbeing:

  • Encourage physical wellbeing with workout videos, live sporting events, and weekly live/training session.
  • Push a healthy way of living through on demand nutritional videos, easy to follow recipe tips and informative webinars and seminars.
  • Support mental wellbeing with our on-demand meditation and sleep story content to prevent burnout, reduce anxiety.
  • Aid financial wellbeing with educational resources and access to regional discounts on the biggest brands.

The Corporate Sports team is dedicated to providing the best support possible to our client, and that means working with you to identify and help you achieve your goals. Our digital solution can integrate fully or partly into your own platform depending on your needs – we have the technical team to build your bespoke technology solution.


Explore Corporate Sports Wellbeing Offerings

Our wellbeing solutions deliver on the Corporate Sports vision and transform the mental, physical, financial, social, community and emotional health of organisations and their people by empowering, inspiring and engaging them to make small, achievable changes in their regular routine.

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Mental Wellbeing
Nutritional Wellbeing
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