Corporate Wellness Programs 

Bringing Wellness to the Workplace

Our programs are designed to support and encourage a holistic approach to employee wellbeing by assisting in the creation of a company culture that cultivates healthy lifestyle habits among employees, and motivates them to set goals and excel in all areas of their lives.

We extend beyond traditional programs by assessing your employees beforehand, guaranteeing the ideal parameters are targeted. This can include aspects such as fitness sessions, nutritional and health seminars, mindfulness workshops, one-on-one coaching and much more. Creating and sustaining a program perfectly suited to your workforce, cultivating positive habits among employees and improving health outcomes, resulting in increased productivity and boosting employee engagement. Ultimately optimising the company’s investment, proven through a thorough post-program evaluation by the Corporate Sports wellbeing experts.

Below are some sample Wellness Packages, any of which can be tailored in detail according to your employee and business needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and provide a bespoke package to help your organisation achieve your desired outcome and ultimately increase employee happiness, productivity, and engagement.

a guide to our Annual Wellness Packages

More Details

On-site Fitness Sessions

Corporate Sports has an unparalleled network of instructors and operational infrastructure. This allows us to deliver exceptional group-based office fitness classes with consistent quality, reporting, and results. Classes can be either on-site or offsite. We have over 100+ professional instructors across 10 different class types ranging from holistic classes such as Yoga and Pilates to high intensity products such as Insanity or BoxFit.


Boxing | Circuits | Desktop Yoga | Pilates | Tai Chi | Self Defense | Kick Fit | Meditation | Insanity | Running | Bootcamp | HIIT | Dance | Zumba | Mindfulness and many more…

Wellness Seminars , Education Workshops, and Coaching

Effective for team appreciation, performance, and morale building, our dynamic and informative wellness seminars, education workshops and coaching sessions are perfect for organizations that want their employees to be at their best both individually and as a team. Corporate Wellness Seminars are 50 minutes with a 10-minute Q&A session, and can occur before, during, or after the work day. Available in a single session or as a series, seminars can be customized to any organization’s health goals or addressed to specific disciplines or management teams.


Disease prevention sessions | Diabetes Day | Cancer awareness sessions | Cardiology educational sessions | Men’s Health | Child Psychology | Mental Health & Wellbeing | Fitness & Exercise | Sleeping & Stress | Work-Life Balance | How to be more active at work | How physical activity plays a role in influencing productivity and work performance

Team Building Day

Engaging your workforce in a unique and innovative way. 


Old School Sports Days | Corporate, Beach & Winter  Olympics | The Big Picture | Multi & Single Sports Tournament | Fun Run | Obstacle Course  

Corporate Sports Tournament

Organizing single or multi-sports,  indoor or outdoor tournaments year-round.


Entry is based on the number of employees and package.  

Nutritional Workshop

Simply counting calories or avoiding certain foods won’t nourish you in a complete way. Healthy eating is about finding a balance between the science of nutrition, your own personal intuition on what feels good for your body, understanding how and why you eat, and enjoying the delicious flavors food provides.  Our team of Nutritional Experts can conduct Healthy Eating and Nutritional seminars educating your employees on the do’s and don’ts of nutrition as well as discussing the goals and challenges associated with creating the healthy life everyone desires.


Sample Nutrition Workshop Package: Lifestyle Habits, Fatigue, and Productivity
This seminar covers:

• How poor nutrition, hydration, and caffeine intake impacts work productivity, absenteeism, and safety.
• Practical tips for eating healthy at work.
• The Ministry of Health Guidelines for physical activity and health.

Mindfulness Workshop

Extensive research on mindfulness suggests that regular practice sharpens skills like attention, memory, emotional intelligence, creativity, and resilience, all of which are extremely important to build leadership skills and achieve business goals but also lead to generally happier lives and improved work-life balance. The Corporate Sports Mindfulness Workshops are suitable for everyone regardless of their cultural background.


Ways in which you can introduce and integrate mindfulness into your company culture: Mentoring for Leaders | Inspiration Sessions | Team Workshops | Mental Health Seminars | Stress Management. All with the end goal of reducing stress, focus employees’ attention, increase creativity, and build a better work-life balance. 

Bi-annual Health Assessment

There are a number of possible approaches to health checks (e.g. individual appointments or drop-in sessions). We will choose the best option for you based on a number of factors, e.g. the size of your organization, cost implications, the type of business, and your employee’s work patterns. Individual appointments allow time for a comprehensive range of checks and tests to be carried out and the chance for an employee to sit down in private and talk through the results with a trained professional. Drop-in sessions are quicker and easier to arrange for the employer than individual appointments. Each employee would be allocated a brief slot during which some basic tests could be carried out (e.g. BMI and blood pressure checks).


Cholesterol testing, BMI, blood glucose levels, blood pressure tests, etc. 

Entry into the CSC 2020

The Ultimate Sports Day Experience
Held annually, the Corporate Sports Championship Dubai is the premier Corporate Wellness event in the UAE and brings together regional and global companies for two days of Sports, Wellness, and Friendly competition.


Entry is based on the number of employees and package. 

Employee Wellbeing Survey

All wellbeing surveys are fully bespoke and customized to your workforce demographic and company culture to ensure the program achieves the highest ratio of employee engagment and motivation..


We can assess your employees:

• Desire to participate in Sport/Wellbeing Program.
• Current health concerns.
• What they would like in a wellbeing program
• Current activity levels
• Willingness to exercise, etc. and much more.

Pre and Post Program Evaluation

Corporate Sport will calculate your employee program outcomes and accomplishments to determine the program’s success. The evaluation will help you decide how to best allocate your budget so you can focus your time and resources on meaningful programming. At the end of the program, we will provide you with tangible evidence that you can share with your employees, clients, and stakeholders.


ROI and complete statistics reports.

Monthly Newsletters

Monthly newsletters will ensure your employees are always informed of your latest wellness initiatives, helpful tips, and upcoming events.

Marketing Pack

During and post program, the Corporate Sports team will provide you with a wealth of marketing material that showcases your company as an employer of choice and illustrates your results and dedication to your employees health and wellbeing. 


Professionally edited video and photography. PR write-ups, Social Media Content, etc. 


UAS BeWell Program

UAS BeWell Program

As part of its commitment to encourage better health, motivation, and happiness amongst all employees, UAS trusted Corporate Sports to build a Corporate Wellness Program in its Middle East Headquarters. Corporate Sports created a fully-fledged corporate wellness program for UAS encompassing several aspects of employees wellbeing for 12 months.

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