Corporate Wellness Programs

“Good health IS good business”

Our programs are designed to support and encourage a holistic approach to employee wellbeing by assisting in the creation of a company culture that cultivates healthy lifestyle habits among employees, and motivates them to set goals and excel in all areas of their lives.

Bringing Wellness to the Workplace

We extend beyond traditional programs by assessing your employees beforehand, guaranteeing the ideal parameters are targeted. This can include aspects such as fitness sessions, nutritional and health seminars, mindfulness workshops, one-on-one coaching and much more. Creating and sustaining a program perfectly suited to your workforce, cultivating positive habits among employees and improving health outcomes, resulting in increased productivity and boosting employee engagement. Ultimately optimising the company’s investment, proven through a thorough post-program evaluation by the Corporate Sports wellbeing experts.

Below are some sample Wellness Packages, any of which can be tailored in detail according to your employee and business needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and provide a bespoke package to help your organisation achieve your desired outcome and ultimately increase employee happiness, productivity, and engagement.

Some of the elements that could be included in a bespoke program


Gym, Studio & Fitness Classes


Workshop, Seminars & Coaching


Nutritional Services


Adventure Day Trips


Ergonomic Equipment


Team Building


Corporate Social Responsibility Activities


Professional Health Checks








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UAS BeWell Program

UAS BeWell Program

As part of its commitment to encourage better health, motivation, and happiness amongst all employees, UAS trusted Corporate Sports to build a Corporate Wellness Program in its Middle East Headquarters. Corporate Sports created a fully-fledged corporate wellness program for UAS encompassing several aspects of employees wellbeing for 12 months.

On the back of this wellness program, UAS took home the prize for “Best Employee Engagement Strategy” at the Future Workplace Awards on the 5th of November 2019. 


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