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Corporate Sports



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Corporate Sports (CS) strictly adheres to all rules and regulations laid out by Government authorities, including Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Dubai Sports Council to ensure the health and safety of everyone in our events.

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Professionally trained
Staff managing the event
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Dedicated Housekeeping Team
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Dedicated Staff
for decontamination
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Dedicated Hygiene
Champions from Corporate Sports 
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Daily Disinfection
of the sports facilities
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Sports guidelines
displayed at entrance
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In addition to the above we will also be implementing the following measures.
  • Public announcements and the display of the new rules will be placed in highly visible areas, including entrances and other public areas.
  • Signage highlighting precautionary measures will be made available in different areas of the venue.
  • We will maintain adequate records of all visitors, including names, telephone numbers and visit dates to assist with COVID-19 contact tracing if required. This will also be done for CS staff and on-site team members.
  • A dedicated ‘Hygiene Champion’ is being assigned to ensure the compliance of all government guidelines and regulations.
  • Hand sanitising dispensers will be placed across the venue.
  • All items considered to be hazardous waste such as used masks and gloves will have dedicated disposal bins.

Equipment Related

F & B Related

  • Players should bring their personal sports equipment and attire in order to maintain hygiene.
  • If you choose to use equipment provided by CS, you will need to read and sign the Sports Equipment Agreement Form.
  • All food and beverage areas should maintain a 2m distance between tables.
  • Food will be served in disposable plates with disposable cutlery.
  • Beverage dispensers will not be available, however beverages in disposable containers will be available.
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All Entry Points screened
by thermal Cameras 
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Mask is Mandatory when
not exerting physically 
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Social distancing is mandatory
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Frequent Hand Washing
is recommended 
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Sanitisers installed
around the facility 
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Avoid groupings post games
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In addition to the above we will also be implementing the following measures.
  • All visitors must wear a face mask at all times, unless you are engaged in strenuous physical activity, in which case masks may be lowered or removed.
  • Maintain hygiene etiquette and refrain from spitting.
  • Players should refrain from celebrating or hugging or engaging in any close physical proximity during the game.
  • Intermingling of members of different groups is prohibited.
  • Showers and changing rooms will NOT be available.
  • Lockers will NOT be available.
  • No linen or towels to be provided.
  • Washrooms and toilets will be available and will be sanitised after every use as well as on an hourly basis from the venue operators.
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