How can an employer support employees’ mental health after lockdown

Lockdown is over, and companies are working at 100 percent capacity.

Though the economy works in full swing, you may feel that your employees are only physically present but are mentally drifting away—it might be fear, stress, or uncertainty about the future.

Employees must be at their best to be highly productive. Your employees should feel happy, engaged, healthy, confident, and comfortable to bring in successful results for your company.

How to support employees’ after lockdown

While mental health is undoubtedly a personal matter, your employees needn’t deal with it alone. Here are some measures to improve employee mental health and keep stress, depression, and anxiety at bay.

Provide counseling sessions

The counseling process acts as a sounding board for the employees, providing them with a safe place to talk about their troubles. It allows councilors to help them find solutions to their problems or show them better ways to manage issues. By providing an empathetic, nonjudgmental, and supportive atmosphere, trust is built, which maximizes success.

Organizing team sports

Exercise reduces stress levels and stimulates endorphins––the happy hormones. Team sports keep your employees more optimistic and create a positive frame of mind.

Research proves that team sports have the edge over other sporting activities in boosting mental health. Researchers analyzed data of 1.2 million adults and found across gender, age, education status, and income–––people who were actively exercising reported fewer days of bad mental health than those who didn’t exercise. Those who played team sports reported the least days of having bad mental health.

People who are depressed often isolate themselves; if they exercise in a group setting, it helps alleviate their symptoms and deal with depression constructively.

Prioritize meditation

Anxiety and stress may trigger depression. Meditation helps to alter your reaction to those feelings helping your brain to achieve sustained focus. Likewise, meditation changes certain brain regions that are linked to depression. It does not push out or block out negative and anxious feelings––but makes you understand that you don’t need to act on them.

Some companies have established meditation rooms-––where workers can escape from the noise and stress surrounding their workstations. And these wellness rooms have become popular among employees who report massive health improvements in their emotional wellbeing.

Providing your employees access to meditation apps is also highly beneficial. They can select from a wide range of guided meditation sessions and obtain a peaceful and clear mind amid all the chaos surrounding them. Some of the best meditation apps include Headspace, Calm, Buddify, and Ten percent happier.

Promoting healthy work-life balance

Firstly ask your employees what they need. Take a survey about flexible scheduling, hours worked, and support for working parents, etc. This step gives you an idea of where your company needs to improve and take constructive measures.

Secondly, teach your employees about work-life balance through seminars or webinars. Watch out for burnout signs, which include excessive absenteeism, physical exhaustion, and error rates. Allow them some time off or avoid giving them more projects. Likewise, offering your employees flextime encourages a healthy work-life balance.

For example, you can give them a weekly hour requirement and ask them to space their time according to their wish as long as they achieve the goals. Flexi work arrangements will help your employees have a life out of their work schedule as well. All these shows them that you value them as people and not just workers.

Thirdly promote their health and wellness through sporting activities by offering gym memberships or allowing team sports. Likewise, supporting telecommute, encouraging efficient work, and allowing your employees to pursue creative projects will significantly boost their mental health.

Benefits of happy employees to your company

A company is nothing without its people. As an employer, if you put in efforts to boost your staff’s wellbeing, you can enjoy enhanced employee productivity, better employee retention, a harmonious working environment, better customer satisfaction, and increased employee confidence––ultimately, a successful business enterprise.

After lockdown, if you’re planning for sporting activities for your employees, please do contact Corporate Sports support. We’d be happy to help you arrange team sports that’ll boost your staff’s wellness.