How Esports Enhance Mental Wellbeing of Employees During Lockdown

The coronavirus lockdown has brought to focus more eyes on esports. While traditional sports have shuttered, esports competitions, both large and small, have continued online.

Never in a million years would you have thought that esports would become so popular-especially under this timetable. But it has, and it’s here. So its best to adapt to the change as best as we can.

Quarantine fatigue has drenched spirits and has cast a gloom globally. Esports is becoming the top contender in boosting the happiness quotient of people.

How does lockdown affect the health of employees

Lockdown has brought a lot of emotional stress and anxiety among employees. Many people fear job loss, appraisals are getting delayed, and many have already seen pay cuts; the COVID-19 lockdown predicts a bleak future for employees.

To top it off, the social distancing and extended lockdowns have had a devastating effect on people. Loneliness is the worst enemy during this quarantine period, especially for those with anxiety issues.

Corporates are concerned about employee wellness, mental wellbeing, and performance. At these turbulent times, some employers are going the extra mile; they are roping in psychologists to conduct happiness sessions and wellness webinars. However, a new trend is catching up to boost the wellness of employees, and more corporates are turning to esports. These companies want their employees to adapt to the new normal-the COVID-19 crises successfully.

How can esports enhance employee wellbeing and performance

Esports graciously replaces some of the sporting activities that are no longer possible as a result of quarantine and social distancing. It helps you to communicate and collaborate to achieve goals.

Online games are an excellent method to enhance mental wellbeing, maintain good relationships as well as to be socially connected with friends and family. Esports could have a more positive impact than video call and has become a leading alternative for other forms of social interaction. It helps people to gainfully pass the time, stay indoors, and beat loneliness, especially during the quarantine.

Gaming is highly stimulating. It stimulates all parts of the human brain and results in high-level thinking and development of fine motor skills. Attributes such as strategizing, quick analyzing, thinking, situational awareness, inductive reasoning, and coping with stress receive a boost due to the intensity and complexity of each game. Employees are sure to gain a lot of benefits when they engage in online play.

How esports help people with mental health issues

COVID-19 lockdown exacerbates pre-existing mental health conditions. People with anxiety disorders usually have excessive worrying, anxiousness, restlessness, apprehension, panic, and intrusive thoughts. During these times of uncertainty, their symptoms are heightened, anticipating future catastrophes.

The quarantine can trigger or worsen symptoms of people with the obsessive, compulsive disorder. Experts warn that they may become hyper-vigilant, which may drastically affect their relationships and emotional wellness. Resultantly, their job performance will suffer.

Research has shown that gaming offers help for people who suffer from mental health issues. Experts say that gaming induces positive structural changes in the brain. Mental health issues arise when there is a shrinkage in the brain regions. People with mental health issues when they immerse themselves in esports may experience a volumetric brain increase, which suppresses the disorder.

How to stay healthy while playing esports

While you spend more time on gaming, it’s essential to take good care of your health—balance gaming with other activities. Take regular breaks while playing esports. Try some hand and wrist exercises. Poor posture can cause back pain, so play with a straight back and place your monitor at eye level. Relax your eyes because too much screen time may hamper it. Keep your self well hydrated and feast on healthy foods. Maintain a regular sleep schedule and laugh a lot.

Come join the fun

At Corporate Sports, we prioritize your wellbeing. We are organizing some cool games to utilize your time during the lockdown gainfully. Join the fun, and show us what you’ve got. Celebrate life with esports!