How E-Sports Promotes Employee Wellbeing

Are you concerned about the wellbeing of your employees during a lockdown?

Investing in human potential is a smart strategy. It increases employee satisfaction, improves retention rates, develops employee and client engagement, improves ROI, enhances communication, and results in excellent company culture.

So if you’re confused about your course of action, Here we have some good news.

Experts say that esports in the workspace builds team-building skills, collaboration, co-operation, and team-leading skills. Similarly, gaming builds trust as it stimulates real-time actions when people are under pressure.

How does it benefit you as an employer

Even as an employer, you enjoy the positive benefits of esports. The results are increased collaboration and productivity. A Birmingham Young University study found that newly formed teams who spent time playing esports for 45 minutes enjoyed a 20 percent increase in productivity. 

Experts also reveal that esports helps people to develop positive feelings toward their companies. It’s partly due to the fun aspect linked to it partly due to the pride of belonging to a competitive team. These positive feelings boost employee engagement and productivity.

Research studies show that companies with low employee engagement experience lower profitability, lower productivity, lower share price, and lower job growth. So arranging for gaming opportunities is a brilliant idea, and it shows your staff that you care.

Esports offers some key health benefits. Here’s a low down of these benefits.

Reduces stress

Lockdown can cause a lot of stress due to the overconsumption of negative news. Gaming acts as a stress buster and improves your mental wellbeing. Competitive gaming helps you to relieve stress and makes you wholly tied to the present moment. Though esports can be stressful at times, it gives you a healthy distraction from real-time worries that are boggling your mind.

Boosts brain power

A study made on older adults who were involved in gaming for about six months found there was an increase in the three major areas of their brain-the prefrontal cortex, the cerebellum, and the right hippocampus.

The prefrontal cortex is responsible for cognitive planning, social behavior, and decision making-all these attributes boost your productivity.

The right hippocampus is responsible for memory and information processing-these qualities increase your efficiency.

The cerebellum controls your muscular activity as well as your external motor skills; esports can boost your mental sharpness and slow down the effects of aging.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking helps you to analyze and solve work problems effectively; it gives you beneficial ideas about improving your quality and productivity-which; in turn, boosts the success of your organization.

Likewise, it helps you to make fewer mistakes and efficiently learn new information. Resultantly you get to know more out of your training and other opportunities on your job.

Competitive gaming is likened to chess on steroids. It encourages you to analyze a situation and make decisions in a split second. Making informed decisions is an invaluable skill in the corporate world.


Some critical problem-solving skills include active listening, creativity, communication, decision making, team building, and dependability. So how does this relate to esports? Well, gaming starts with a problem that you need to solve.

In esports as soon as the match starts you need to solve it. Gaming significantly improves this ability as you consistently solve problems at a fast rate. Practice makes perfect; if you keep on polishing your skill, it makes you a better decision-maker in your professional life.

Increased memory capacity

As a person ages, there’s a decline in his attention, cognitive flexibility, abstract reasoning, and working memory. Research studies on older people found that gaming improved all the above aspects. Also, it enhances your self-concept. Above all, the sense of happiness when your team wins gives you a morale boost that can achieve wonders in your professional life.

Come join our thrilling esports initiative

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