How to guard your mental health amidst coronavirus information overload

How to guard your mental health amidst coronavirus information overload

Coronavirus has affected everyone- right from the royalty, to powerful governments, and the ordinary layman.

Even you’re not left out.

You’re experiencing lockdown, and already you may feel anxious about the gravity of the unfolding situation.

Some media outlets may want to make some quick bucks and make a mountain out of a molehill.

To prevent your sanity, you have to be selective of what you’re letting inside your mind.

Here are a few tips to guard your mental health.

#1 Limit the information and be selective of what you read.

There’s a lot of misinformation swirling around, so read news from trusted sources.

Overloading your mind with unnecessary information can make you anxious and lead to panic attacks. And you may think about catastrophic outcomes.

Set a limit to reading or watching things that may make you anxious. Set a time to read or watch the news and shift your focus to other activities. All through the day, don’t view all the scary headlines and troubling discussions aired in the news channels.

#2 Take breaks from social media.

Do you use social media too much? Be careful! All those false news you read from social media and WhatsApp would make you feel hopeless. It may also create fear of future such as unemployment, pay cuts, slow growth rates, and considerable falls in share markets.

Social media posts can amplify the effects that may be far from the truth. Instead of staying active on social media, read your favorite books, or watch TV shows. Mute keywords that make you anxious and unfollow or mute accounts that spread a lot of negativity. Hide Facebook posts or mute WhatsApp groups that spread news you find overwhelming.

#3 Look after yourself

Take care of yourself and focus on the things that you can control. Catch on that much-needed sleep. Slow down. Create a daily routine like taking a shower, getting dressed for work, cooking meals, and so on.

Create a sense of normality and productivity. Break up your day and change the environment for doing different tasks. Eat healthily, exercise daily, and practice meditation. Practice the art of gratefulness.

Spend time on hobbies that you enjoy and learn new ones. Help others. If you’re in good health and don’t need to isolate yourself offer to help others-like collecting supplies or running errands for senior citizens. Enjoy natural light and little fresh air. If possible, grow an organic garden even though it may be in your balcony. Nurturing tender saplings could boost your wellbeing in these turbulent times.

#3 Stay connected with people.

Curfew has been imposed in many countries, especially the UAE. So have the correct phone numbers and email addresses of people. Check-in regularly with people that you care about-older adults, and colleagues who may be staying alone.

Encourage your colleagues or friends who may suffer a job loss or pay cuts. Check with your family members who are in your home country. Try to have live chats with your parents and siblings. This action makes you feel connected during there lonely and challenging times.

If you are self-isolating, have a routine and ensure each day has some variety. Have a to-do list and reward yourself for any small achievements you make.

#4 Avoid burnout

Working from home and not going out can put stress on your mental health. Also, there would be plenty of distractions in the form of kids and other family members. So, have some me-time and enjoy downtime.

Anxiety UK advises you to practice the Apple technique to avoid burnout.

Acknowledge: It’s ok to feel anxious, fearful, and worried about the coronavirus infection.

Pause: Don’t react; just pause and breathe.

Pull back: Tell yourself that these worries and anxious thoughts are just feelings. They are not statements or facts and don’t believe everything you think about.

Let go: Wrap up your anxious feelings in an imaginary bubble and let them go.

Explore: Be mindful of your present moment and find small joys that are found all around you.

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