How to Stay Active and Healthy During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Being active is not only beneficial but is also the pressing need of the hour due to the COVID-19 lockdown-where movement is legally restricted.

Doing exercises makes you feel happier, helps in weight loss, builds up your muscles, and strengthens your bones. Moreover, it reduces your risk of chronic diseases and pumps up your energy levels.

Exercise boosts the production of natural antioxidants and enhances your skin health. It improves your brain function and enhances your thinking skills and memory.

Likewise, it reduces the feeling of pain and helps you to relax and sleep better.

Regular activity, coupled with a healthy diet, can work wonders for your emotional as well as your physical wellbeing.

#1 Home workouts

There are several online workout videos provided by experts that motivate you to stay active. Before you begin any workout, be sure to warm up and cool down after you finish it.

Here we’ve discussed a 10-minute cardio workout by NHS to help you burn calories and feel great. Here’s how you’ll go about it.

Start with Rocket jumps

Followed by Star jumps


Tap backs


Do each of these six exercises 15 to 24 times with two repetitions.

Likewise, join fitness expert Chole Madeley as she gracefully guides you in this isolation workout and help you to tone up during this COVID-19 lockdown.

#2 Healthy diet

The World Health Organization is urging all of us to follow a healthy lifestyle, and maintaining a nutritious diet is a crucial part of it. So begin by planning your meals and ensuring you have all the ingredients you need.

Variety is crucial to a healthy diet. Avoid omitting any food groups unless you suffer from any allergies. Include vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Zinc.

These vitamins and minerals are present in the following foodstuffs.

Vitamin A: spinach and sweet potato

Vitamin C:  peppers, tomatoes, and berries

Zinc: Shellfish, meat, and dairy.

Also, add more healthy fats to your diet. Healthy fats such as salmon and olive oil may boost your immune response and fight inflammation. Likewise, include more fermented foods that contain probiotics. Foods such as yogurt, kimchi, and kefir boost your immune cells and fight harmful invader organisms. Limit sugars and always stay hydrated.

#3 Include a lot of small activities

Busy yourself with a lot of small activities. Though you might be confined to your apartment or villa, make an effort to stay active. Walk up and down the stairs, play video games with your kids that involve physical activity.

Even doing your household chores is a form of exercise. New research claims that vacuuming, mopping, and dusting are as good as any workout at the gym. The household chores not only tone and stretch your muscles, but you’ll even burn around 315 calories within one hour.

Try to spend one hour more than usual on your daily activities, for example, cooking, doing the dishes and laundry. Doing so will help you to make up for the loss of exercise that you may be experiencing these days due to the lockdown. Also, include any fun projects you’d like to try-like tidying up a bookcase or trying your hand at the bread or pasta recipe that’s in your bucket list.

#4 Groove to the beat

More than being just a fun activity, dancing provides a host of health benefits. So resist your temptation to curl up on your couch for long hours and groove to the beat.

Dancing improves flexibility, eases joint pain, and post-exercise soreness. It boosts your memory and prevents you from getting dementia as you age. During this lockdown, you may feel stressed and depressed. Doing a dance workout may be the best antidote for your stress. Likewise, it helps to lose weight, improves balance, and increases your energy levels.

Discussed above are some easy to follow steps, which will help you to stay active and healthy during this lockdown. Practice them, and stay fit.

Corporate Sports want to help you during these turbulent times of fear and uncertainty. So we invite you to join our wellness webinars to lead a stress-free, happy, and healthy life.