How UAS is Managing Wellbeing Remotely

Employee wellness is just as important whether employees are at the office or working remotely. UAS International Trip Support is ensuring their wellbeing strategies are being upheld and adapted to the lockdown situation imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid the social distancing measures currently in place, the organization’s internal corporate wellness program – UASBeWell – continues to provide its employees with the information, guidance, and support required to ensure they stay healthy and well at this difficult time. 

According to a Forbes survey of remote workers in 2019, approximately 50% said that they worked longer hours than when at the office, and 40% said they felt pressure to contribute more because they worked remotely. Combined with other additional stress factors felt during COVID-19, we can see the crucial importance of sustained efforts to ensure employee wellbeing remotely. Here is how UAS is keeping its employees engaged and productive whilst ensuring they are physically and mentally well.

Effective Communication

Employees can feel disconnected from their teams and their organizations if remote work isn’t managed with their wellness in mind. UAS understands that effective and frequent communication is key to not only keeping employees informed and updated, but also enthusiastic and engaged. Making use of many online tools, UAS teams are connecting and checking in remotely, sometimes multiple times daily. These virtual meetings – whether with entire teams or one-on-one – create a normalized work environment, allow for the same free sharing of ideas as the physical workplace, and ensure sustained collaboration. Managers also support the mental well-being of remote employees by discussing goals and progress and talking openly about the struggles of remote work. This keeps morale and productivity high and increases a remote employee’s level of job satisfaction.

Encouragement through Engagement

Working remotely during COVID-19 can often leave employees feeling overwhelmed because they are worried about the welfare and security of loved ones. This can culminate in significant emotional stress that can be counter-productive for the quality of relationships, work, and health. Employers can combat this by encouraging employees to continue their quest for self-improvement in every aspect of their lives. UAS encourages employees to see this time of uncertainly as a great opportunity for self-improvement and discovery. It is challenging employees to consider how they can improve during COVID-19 by providing them with tools of self-introspection to help them examine where they are mentally and emotionally and how they can enhance their wellness. UAS also marked World Health Day 2020 by inviting employees all over the world to share a message of resilience and hope for a video shared on social media reminding people of the benefits of working together and to Stay Home and Stay Healthy.