In these unprecedented times of social-distancing, it is even more important to talk about balance, moderation, and self-care. Everyone deals with anxiety and stress, and seeking a healthy and balanced approach to food ultimately supports a balanced and mindful approach to life. 

This session opens up your mind towards how we can bring back love and balance in our lives through food. This complex relationship we have with food (physiological or psychological) at times develops a unique sense of fear which then propagates a similar relationship with one’s core self that could be offsetting. The idea of this session is to elevate the conversation about our relationship with food and its impact on our lives.

What you can expect  from this session

-To learn about why balance is not the same for everyone and cannot be labeled as generic.

-To learn and identify areas you’ve been struggling with the relationship with food one would have and how it is self-reflective of our own relationship with ourselves. This shall greatly improve the experience and association you have with food and ultimately love yourself and be kind to yourself.

-We shall delve into how key elements like nostalgia, experiences and your current approach to how you eat might be shaping a dialogue about you.

-A simple food mapping technique via this session can help one with intuitive eating.

Practical Information

Monday, 4th May                 11:00 am (GMT +4)

Webinar via Zoom Technology: video and audio

Event speakers

Simon Seward

Wellness Director, Corporate Sports


Dr. Remy Shanker

Nutritionist and Wellness Specialist, New York University Abu Dhabi 


Webinar Video Report