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Ramadan League 

 Basketball  |  Football 

Engage your team in a competitive multiple sports league, challenge your industry peers, reach a new audience and align your brand with a healthy, active lifestyle. The Corporate Sports Ramadan League takes place across the holy month of Ramadan, giving an opportunity for colleagues, friends, and family to come together in the name of sport, health, and wellness.

Basketball Weekly Practice
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The main objectives of the event is to start the year in an active fashion. Motivate and engage your employees in friendly competition, team-building and camaraderie; enhance brand loyalty and productivity, and finally enable networking with like-minded professionals.


  • Cash prizes, Trophies & Medals.
  • Snacks and Refreshments throughout the tournament.
  • Corporate sport branded Uniform.

Format, Structure and Prizes


Min 5 – Max 10 Players / Team
Group Stages, Knockouts


Min 5 – Max 10 Players / Team
Group Stages, Knockouts