Quarantined How to Survive the Coronavirus Lockdown

You’re following the government advice, staying home, rarely venturing out to buy only the essentials.

You work from home, and the kids learn online due to the course of schools.

Time flies, you say, but it doesn’t seem so, the days are long, and the quarantine starts to take its toll.

Here are six brilliant steps to survive this coronavirus lockdown

#1 Have a structure

Having a routine lays the framework for which you can conduct your daily life. Ensure you structure a flexible routine because it’s easy to follow rather than rigid ones. It helps to prioritize your actions, so your time is best spent on essential activities.

During this lockdown, families may enjoy more free time than usual—busy yourselves with craft, games, schoolwork, hobbies, and books. Sitting glued to your screens or going crazy on Netflix will harm your mood.

#2 Be physically active

The WHO recommends 150 minutes of moderately intense activity per week. During this quarantine, follow an online exercise class- mostly, they are free. Just walk even if your apartment is small if you’re on the phone walk around instead of sitting. If you’re going outside to walk, maintain at least 1m distance from other people.

The WHO/Europe has listed a set of home-based exercises that are easy to follow. Try knee to elbow, plank, back extensions, squats, side knee lifts, superman, bridge, chair dips, chest opener, child pose, seated meditation, and legs up the wall.

#3 Engage in creative activities

A feeling of accomplishment is essential for you during this coronavirus lockdown. It includes anything say working from home, doing school projects, or completing long avoided chores and repairs.

Likewise, indulging in fun activities gives you an endorphin boost- unleashes all those feel-good hormones and enhances your emotional health. Simple activities like sitting in the afternoon sun and enjoying a hot cup of tea or family activities like planning a movie night, rearranging furniture, or even making a family meal will increase your happiness quotient.

#4 Respect others’ privacy

Younger or older, you need your private space. Privacy becomes even more critical when all the family members are huddled together during coronavirus lockdown. Trust and honest communication are essential when dealing with teenagers and young kids.

Allow family members to spend time in their own space, be it there favorite couch or a corner of the room. Knock before you enter a room, keep confidences, avoid belittling your kids or spouse before others. Insults beget ill feelings and strife, and it would be hard to live under one roof with conflict.

Try to create spaces like little zones where everyone could enjoy their privacy while time alone is essential also schedule time to connect as a family-like talking about family rituals and so on.

#5 Be connected

Staying in touch is critical for your mental health and happiness. Connect with friends on social media or call a friend and have a hearty chat. This mutual support is essential for your mental wellbeing during this quarantine period.

Schedule video calls for children with their friends, while teens can create themes on Snapchat or Instagram and share tips with their friends. These actions will increase a sense of belonging and purpose, reduce stress, enhance relationships, and help to cope with this challenging period.

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