Corporate Wellness Programs

Bringing wellness to the Work-place

Our Corporate Wellness 360 programs are designed to support and encourage a holistic approach to employee wellbeing by creating an organized company culture that cultivates healthy lifestyle habits among employees and motivates them to set goals and excel in all areas of their lives.

We extend beyond traditional programs to cultivate positive habits among employees and improve health outcomes, resulting in increased productivity, boosting employee engagement, and optimizing human resource investment.

Using health and wellbeing as a recruitment and retention tool to ensure you attract and retain the best people, we’ll assist you to drive your business forward and enhance your reputation as a great place to work.

Sports Leagues & Tournaments

Organizing single or multi-sports, industry or company specific, indoor or outdoor, tournaments year-round

As a regional leader in providing B2B corporate sports leagues and tournaments, we have the expertise and experience to plan and execute these events successfully. Whatever your objective- whether to engage your internal team, challenge your industry peers, or use the power of sport to reach a new audience and align brand with an active and healthy lifestyle, our professional team can help you deliver this.

Partnering with state-of-the-art sports facilities and with extensive knowledge of the industry, tournament structure, and prizes, Corporate Sports is the leading choice for great team-sport tournaments for your company.

Team building

Engaging your workforce in a unique and innovative way

Whether your priority is to energize, inspire, or rebuild your team, we deliver teambuilding events that are proven to realize key benefits for your team and can be tailored to multiple company sizes.

Our team has devised a series of sporting challenges, motivational games, problem-solving activities, group initiatives, and leadership exercises that are designed to challenge and stimulate both the mind and the body.

Brand Activations

Elevate your brand through the power of sport and wellness

Inclusivity and interaction are at the heart of sport making it an incredibly powerful tool to enhance brand awareness and engagement and help build a loyal and supportive community around your initiative, product, or service. Sports and wellness brand activation events deliver memorable experiences that drive consumer action and inspire people to form emotional connections and align with your purpose.

So, whether you wish to drive brand awareness, reach a new audience group, position yourself as the leader in your category, or inspire behavioral change, we build and execute activation plans that meet your objectives, communicate your core message, and create brand advocates.

Corporate Sports Championship

Held annually, the Corporate Sports Championship is a unique experience focusing on wellness, engagement, and networking where the most prominent companies and leading business personalities can come together in the spirit of participation and friendly competition. A multi-sports weekend-long competition, it offers a unique opportunity for enhancing brand awareness and enjoying professional interaction at a personal level. It also builds bonds within organizations themselves, bridging management levels and functions to enhance camaraderie and pride.

The Ultimate Sports Day experience takes Corporate Wellness into another dimension, and benefits not only businesses and their people, but thanks to related CSR initiatives, the wider community too.