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Insurance brokers work with insurance companies to provide their customers with guidance on health, life, and other insurance products. Offering consultative and expert advice means you have huge influence on the customer’s choice of provider. These days, as more and more clients are requesting advice on wellbeing programmes for their organizations, brokers have been thrust into the added role of wellness consultant. However, many lack in-house knowledge and expertise in the wellness area. So, when employers ask about wellness, those with no answers may lose business to those who have leveraged wellness to gain a competitive advantage.

The ‘do nothing’ approach may be popular, but it does not help employers to overcome the challenges of poor employee health and soaring healthcare costs.

The majority of brokers cannot appoint a dedicated wellbeing resource due to budget constraints, and a lack of expertise or business strategy. Therefore, outsourcing becomes the most effective and efficient option for them. However, with so many insurance providers and wellbeing offerings on the market, this can pose a real challenge, particularly when dealing with multiple parties.

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VIWELL is a team of local wellbeing experts working solely in the wellness industry. Partnering with us will bring a multitude of benefits to your brokerage.

  • Enhance your overall business proposition
  • Save money and time with one wellbeing solution rather than several
  • Offer bespoke and tailored wellbeing solutions customized to needs and budget
  • Enjoy regular engagement with clients through multiple touch-points
  • Increase your NPS and customer satisfaction scores

Partnering with VIWELL ensures your clients will be pleased with the positive wellness outcomes they experience, and you will enjoy a competitive advantage that will help grow your business.

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