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Wellbeing programmes are far from a nice employee perk. More evidence shows that employee wellbeing is effectively an employer strategy to enhance organisational performance and productivity.

The success of any business activity relies on the implementation and execution of an effective strategy, and wellbeing is no different. In the past, the business benefits of employee wellbeing weren’t well understood so, assigning time and resources to such a strategy was far from a priority. However, this has changed in recent times as data and research pointing to the significant benefits of organisational wellbeing have become widely available. Also, the combination of a global pandemic, social unrest and a rapidly changing economy has elevated the importance of wellbeing to individuals and organisations. Happy employees do better work; it’s as simple as that.

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Wellbeing performance has a direct connection to a strong and focused strategy, but it does not have a direct connection to individual initiatives. Wellbeing goes beyond initiatives – a strategy must be in place. Having a strategy can positively impact the performance of wellbeing. Success starts with planning, and to effectively plan, a full understanding of your organisation, and its people is essential.

Choosing the right wellbeing partner is crucial.

VIWELL energises workplace wellbeing, employee health, and organisational success. We provide holistic, innovative and unique wellness, health, and engagement solutions to create a happier, healthier workforce and drive organisational productivity and profitability. To ensure wellbeing is the ethos of any organisation in the future, employers must develop a better understanding of the gaps in their specific offerings. VIWELL Strategic Solutions help identify these gaps, and take proactive steps ensuring the needs of employees are safeguarded.

Wellbeing is a journey, let’s do it together!

We begin by measuring your organization’s health and wellbeing baseline metrics, identifying strengths and challenges, and developing a suitable wellbeing strategy to meet your exact goals. Our team calculates your organization’s wellbeing baseline with our wellbeing audit conducted through the VIWELL platform.

You will receive a report outlining the key findings of our Organization Wellbeing Audit. The executive team will also present this, outlining suggested next steps. The strategy will then developed and designed.

We design a comprehensive, customized and research – based programme.

Re-evaluate the progress made.

Partnering with VIWELL will help you energise your organisational wellbeing with a customised, measurable programme attuned to your unique needs so you can enjoy the benefits of a healthier, happier workforce.

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