Sports after lockdown-What does the future look like?

“Life will go on, and fulfilling achievements will never stop. We have been made stronger, better, and faster by what we have gone through in the past few months. The next period needs a fresh spirit, thought, and a more dynamic and smarter work style”— Sheikh Mohammed.

With these words from the leadership, Dubai roared to action, opening up all its sports facilities.

As an employer, you may have doubts about involving your employees in sports activities. You may even wonder whether it’s safe to do so. What if your employees get the virus? It’s natural to have thoughts like these.

The need of the hour is employee safety and your business growth. Well, the Dubai Government has issued all safety protocols to boost the sports ecosystem and has ordered all the concerned parties to follow the safety measures strictly.

How stress affects employee productivity

Creating a balanced and mindful environment for your employees will significantly enhance their emotional wellbeing. The virus has caused unforeseen and unprecedented business challenges and has severely affected the business world’s very foundation.

Employees have faced stress due to this pandemic–from fighting the virus to working remotely and getting used to the new normal—all this might have taken a toll on their productivity. Anxiety and stress are the two biggest threats to workplace productivity, and your employees are facing it on a day to day basis.

Stress may cause low energy levels, lack of focus, reduced creativity, constant worry, and adverse effects on personality. The cumulative impact of stressed employees may lower your company’s productivity due to staff turnover, tardiness, stressful peer relationships and communication, and poor work quality.

How sports can improve productivity in business

Since the dawn of human civilization, physical activity and productivity have been interconnected. Scientific literature shows that recreation and sports have a more significant and positive impact on raising morale, motivation, productivity, enhanced mood, and a positive working environment.

A survey in the Wall Street Journal states that satisfied employees are twice as productive, and they feel the need to stay at work for longer hours. As you can see, motivation is the key to employee satisfaction, and sport is one of the great team-building activities. Sports and recreational activities boost productivity and a positive mindset and have proven to increase a company’s business on a large scale.

To give your employees a productivity boost, you could organize sports-based team building activities. This practice gives your staff a chance to go out of the office, enjoy themselves, and develop a better friendship with their colleagues. Here’s a lowdown of how sports encourage employee productivity.

Builds strong bonds

Develops a sense of contribution and belonging

Enhanced creativity

Reduced stress

Better health due to the release of feel-good hormone endorphins

All these may sound good—but still, you may be worried about whether your staff might get infected. To disperse your fear and doubts, let’s see the safety measures issued by DSC.

Safety measures issued by the Dubai Sports Council

Compulsory temperature checks for all staff and trainers

Staff and trainers must wear masks at all times

Everyone must practice social distancing of 2m.

Social gathering among staff and trainers is strictly not allowed

Creating visible markers on the floor for appropriate spacing

Group sessions are permitted, but there must be a minimum of 2.5 m between each trainer.

Two trainees can train with one personal trainer.

Proper fencing protocols should be in place.

Only a single player can touch the equipment, and it should be cleaned frequently.

For cycling/running, a face mask is compulsory while doing moderate activity, but it can be removed or lowered during strenuous workouts.

Group coaching is allowed for cricket, but the participants must not be more than 8 per session.

Chess training competitions can occur within a maximum of 25% of the competition area.

For ball sports, the number of players depends upon the size of the play area.

These are just a few pointers if you want to clear all your doubts, please contact our friendly staff, who are always willing to help you.

Bring sports to your workplace

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of chaos, the future of sports looks bright in UAE. With all the safety measures in place, the sports ecosystem will get a massive boost.

So welcome the new era by including sports activities in your workplace and see your staff’s productivity soar to new heights.

Please contact our support to get a clear idea of the protocol measures.