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The Corporate Sports Championship is Tolerance in Action

Tolerance in Action

In a significant development for the Year of Tolerance, the UAE’s corporate wellness leaders, Corporate Sports, are set to launch the Corporate Sports Championship in collaboration with the Dubai Sports Council. The brainchild of Mohammed Husary, Founder and CEO of Corporate Sports, the inaugural Corporate Sports Championship will be held at the state of the […]

Corporate Sports Celebrity Team Building Challenge

Team Building Challenge

With preparations heating up for the official Dubai Corporate Sports Championship, in collaboration with the Dubai Sports Council, to be held on February 22nd and 23rd, we put some high profile competitors to the test in our Celebrity Team Building Challenge. Ten leading media personalities and social media influencers gathered at the Swiss International Scientific […]

Benefits of Corporate Team Building Events

Benefits of Corporate Team Building Events

The UAE corporate world has such a unique and diverse array of cultures, personalities and abilities. Business’ now a days are highly dependent on the capability of their team, and how they co-operate across projects and everyday tasks. Team building and sporting events are an excellent and enjoyable method to building better relationships between collogues, […]