Team Building

The Corporate Sports team has devised a series of sporting challenges, motivational games, problem-solving activities, group initiatives, and leadership exercises that are designed to challenge and stimulate both the mind and the body. Whether your priority is to engage, inspire, rebuild your team, or to just have fun we are here to help.

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The “Big Picture” Painting

A Sum of the Parts

Corporate Sports will design a “Big Picture” with a combination of your company’s logos and brand elements. This picture can be scaled to any size. The Big Picture will then be divided into individual frames which need to be measured, drawn, scaled and painted by each team. Once all the individual frames are hung together, the activity will conclude with a Big Picture reveal and a team photo.


Classic Team-Building

Bring back some ‘Old School’

Classic team-building is all about bringing back some childhood memories of the days when you were carefree! From Tug-of-War to the three-legged race and even spoon races, these simple activities can be a fantastic laugh.


Scenario Paintball

Stop, Drop and Roll!!

Scenario paintball can offer 15min-a-side games simulated in various situations from army trenches, to backyards and even the slums. Small teams work out their game strategy to grab the flag and return to base. It’s fast, its exhilarating and it’s unlike any game employees have ever played.


Beach Olympics

Sand, Sea and Sun

In the cooler months, there is nothing better than a solid dose of Vitamin D to uplift the spirits. A few ice-breakers to get the spirits sparking, and then the day can be tailored to include as much or as little as preferred. A fun day out in the sun is always a winner with the teams.


Commercial Break

Lights, Camera and Action!

In teams, employees will create an epic video advert from initial brief to final screening. Teams will represent advertising agencies that are given a brief and will need to develop a strategy, storyboard and script before moving on to production.

Some participants will take part in filming, acting and make-up lessons before returning this information to their team. Teams then allocate roles. Actors dress up; videographers equip themselves with props, clapperboards and equipment to film their commercial.

All the commercials are shown to the entire group and an awards ceremony is held for the best ad.


Flat-Out Formula One

Build Your Own Formula 1 Car!

In teams, employees will build an almost life-size Formula 1 racing car from a flat pack kit within a tight timeline. Once constructed, teams will decorate it to stand out from the others. Once complete, all the cars will line-up at the starting line and set-off with one driver at the helm and the rest of the team pushing. The activity will conclude with an event ceremony as we see the top 3 teams mount the podium.

Smash Room

Smash Your Stress Away!

It’s time to let off a little steam, but if employees need peace and quiet – this is not for them! Smash Room offers a safe place to allow your employees to throw, break, smash, shatter, break, tear or stomp and release the tension effectively (and safely).

Employees can donate unwanted stuff for others to tear-apart or bring their own stuff to destroy! Anything from laptops, mirrors, tables, cellphones, desks, TVs…you name it. All the destroyed pieces will also be RECYCLED! Two birds with one stone so to speak. This is a unique badass therapy session!

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