Team Building – The best Investment you’ll make in 2019

Tug-of-War Team Building

Despite its previous reputation of being the HR enforced, once a year tick, the box activity. Team Building is the most important investment a company can make for its people.

It builds trust, mitigates conflict, encourages communication and increases collaboration. Done with a little imagination, team building can be adventurous and enjoyable. 

Team Building, doesn’t have to include anything too strenuous. It can be fun activities that help people see each other in a different light, allowing them to connect on a personal level in a different setting. 

Few ground rules worth considering: 

1.    Don’t force it! 

As long as employees are spending time together on a social level, sharing experiences and working towards a common goal, it will allow bonding to happen more organically and far more effectively.

2.    It’s an Investment not a splurge “just for fun”. 

Team Building doesn’t have to be fancy nor expensive, but be willing to make a real investment by creating an experience that is unforgettable, making your people feel highly appreciated. 

3.    Keep the office positive. 

One day activities aren’t as affective if they’re just that…. One day. Most team building falls short because it is a one-time activity, completed and then forgotten. The key is to find ways to keep the excitement going.

4.    Be inventive.

Happiness and learning are tied very closely together. So, ensure you choose something unique and slightly outside of everyone’s comfort zones, this can encourage them to come together in new ways. 

Many companies branded as the “Best Places to Work” achieve this from implementing Team Building and Employee Wellness into their strategic planning.


How do you know if you got team building right? 

If there was a sense of accomplishment, excitement and there was laughter… you’re on the right track.


Simon Seward 
Corporate Wellness Director
Corporate Sports

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