The Corporate Sports Championship is Tolerance in Action

Tolerance in Action

In a significant development for the Year of Tolerance, the UAE’s corporate wellness leaders, Corporate Sports, are set to launch the Corporate Sports Championship in collaboration with the Dubai Sports Council.

The brainchild of Mohammed Husary, Founder and CEO of Corporate Sports, the inaugural Corporate Sports Championship will be held at the state of the art sporting facilities at the Swiss International Scientific School (SISD) in Al Jadaf on February 22-23.

“As a community it is vital we support the Year of Tolerance initiative,” explained Husary.

“With more than 200 nationalities living peacefully and successfully in the UAE, the society is an example of a tolerant and inclusive country.”

“The Federal Government is keen to promote acceptance and understanding as core values of the community and we at Corporate Sports are proud to do our part with the launching of the Corporate Sports Championship.”

“The event will bring together men, women and families from all the different nationalities in the UAE to focus on wellness, fitness and fun in a weekend that will truly show Tolerance in Action.”

Launch of #ToleranceinAction hash tag

To further enhance the Year of Tolerance theme, Corporate Sports has launched the hash tag #ToleranceinAction.

“We urge everyone to use this hash tag to show their support for the Year of Tolerance, as we work together to make the UAE an even more tolerant and inclusive country,” continued Hursary.

“The Corporate Sports Championship is tolerance in action.”

With no less than 18 sports and team-building activities, as well as a Wellness Seminar programme and Family Entertainment Village there is literally something for everyone at the Corporate Sports Championship.

The weekend will bring companies, executives, employees and families together as one at the ultimate sports day.