The Daily Habits You Won’t Want to Skip Out On. Part 1 Physical Healthy Daily Habits

How often you should workout is as deeply personal as your preferred workout. Keeping achievable, step-by-step goals is one way to maintain a daily physical activity routine. Aim for some type of movement each day.


Walking is a great daily habit to get into for a variety of reasons. Not only is it free, it’s a simple way to stay active — especially important if you sit all day long. The World Cancer Research Fund International recommends 30-minute brisk walks five times weekly to lower cancer risk.  

Make your walk even healthier by:

  • Adding wrist or ankle weights
  • Walking with a friend or neighbor
  • Switching between walking and running

Even if you don’t fit in 30 minutes all at once, as long as you hit a minimum of 30 minutes walking daily, it doesn’t matter how you do it. Take the stairs, walk to the bus, stroll to the mailbox, or listen to a podcast while walking on the treadmill to get your steps in!

Do Housework

Sure, it might be easier to hire the young high schooler next door to rake up all those leaves, but wouldn’t you rather reap the cardio benefits yourself? Consider different ways to burn calories simply by cleaning up your house daily.

30-minute chores for a 125-pound person burn the following:

  • Vacuuming: 99 calories
  • Mowing the lawn: 135 calories
  • Washing the car: 135 calories
  • Making the bed: 187 calories
  • Raking up leaves: 120 calories

Ready to make your house shine and get a workout in at the same time? Start cleaning!

Get Your Shut-Eye

Love staying up a little too late? Consider making this one of your top priorities to fix this year. High-quality sleep helps improve concentration, productivity, athletic performance, and much more. It’s also a key player in keeping your immune system strong — a must during cold and flu season.  

Lack of sleep is linked to:

  • Higher rates of depression
  • Weakened immune systems
  • Increased heart disease risk
  • Higher weight gain due to increased calorie intake

If you struggle with getting a good night’s sleep several times a week, you may consider a natural supplement like melatonin or lemon balm. Always speak with a healthcare professional or pharmacist prior to exploring sleep aid options, though.