The Link between Fitness and Productivity

When we consider the benefits of physical fitness, we generally think about weight management, a healthier heart, better circulation, and lower blood pressure. However, what is commonly overlooked is that exercise has a massively positive impact on the way we think, and therefore, how we perform in our jobs. In this blog, we’ll explore how physical fitness and professional productivity go hand-in-hand.

Elevated moods and lower stress

Exercise improves mental health and put us in a great headspace. During exercise, the brain releases serotonin (often referred to as the ‘happy chemical’) and this stimulates our moods and emotions. Since good interpersonal communication is necessary for the best collaborations possible, reduced feelings of anxiety, irritability, and depression result in more enthusiasm and a better atmosphere in the workplace. This is a big contributor to higher productivity.

Enhanced creativity and improved concentration

Exercising increases blood flow to the brain which sharpens awareness and makes us more alert. The production of a protein called BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) during exercise boosts cognitive abilities. So, not only does regular exercise enhance creativity and help concentration, it also results in faster learning and a better memory.  The proof of this is well documented. A quick internet search will reveal that there are many studies, conducted by groups of scientists all over the globe, that show that exercise produces immediate benefits for cognition in adults of all ages.

Higher morale and less absenteeism

A study conducted at Leeds Metropolitan University found that people who visited the gym during their working day became more productive, better at time management, and got more satisfaction from their work. So, fit people are generally more content in their jobs and don’t use sick leave as regularly as their more unfit colleagues. This is because, not only does regular exercise help combat illness and injury, but it also makes us happier generally.

Physical fitness and productivity in general are closely linked. Indeed, maintaining physical fitness is crucial to being on top of our game in life generally. It gives us the best advantages and enables us to perform to the absolute best of our ability.