Current affairs and media reports are forcing people to take an introspective assessment of their health & lifestyle. Health & wellness is being tied up in vague accounts with health conditions, the immune system and ultimately risk factors. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of circulating misinformation and what may present to be accurate is often lost in translation and not applicable to everyday practice. While the current climate is causing more reflection, it’s always been of paramount importance to look after your health, though what’s more important is following evidence-based approaches to securing a number of verticals within health & wellbeing to the best of your ability.

What you can expect  from this session

This webinar will help to shed light on what the immune system actually is, what common lifestyle factors are suppressive to normal function, and how you can indirectly support function through evidence-based, health-seeking behaviours that maximise the verticals of an optimal profile of health. Areas of focus:

  • A brief understanding of the immune system
  • Suppressive factors through lifestyle habits and nutrition
  • Identification of accessible support methods
  • Self-assessment and how to monitor progress 

Practical Information

Monday, 6 April                 10:00 am (GMT +4)

Webinar via Zoom Technology: video and audio

Event speakers

Simon Seward

Wellness Director, Corporate Sports

Max Physick 

Executive Health Coordinator, Source Health

In Connection with Source Health 

Video Report