What is Movember?

What is Movember and Why it is Important?

Can growing a moustache become a massive worldwide movement supporting a worthy cause? As the story goes, yes, it does. Find out about this exciting campaign called Movember.

Movember is a campaign that runs during November to raise awareness and money on men’s health issues such as testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and mental health problems such as suicide and depression.

Way back in 2003, a group of 30 Aussie friends challenged themselves to grow their moustaches for an entire month, to see if they could bring back the style to popularity. Their moustaches’ were able to start a conversation. Surprised by the results, the founders attached it to a worthy cause – men’s health, and thus The Movember Foundation was born.

Today the movement attracts participants from around the world, Europe, America, Canada, South Africa, China, New Zealand, and more. Since its humble beginnings, the Movember campaign has received millions of dollars as donations and has funded 1,200 men’s health projects over the past 13 years.

Importance of Movember

According to movember.com, “Men’s health is in crisis,”  Globally, men are dying an average of 6 years earlier than women mostly due to preventable reasons. The Movember website gives a scary statistic. During the next 15 years, unchecked prostate cancer rates may double. Likewise, testicular cancer rates have already doubled over the last 50 years. Alarmingly, worldwide, a man dies by suicide every minute, and in the US, males account for 75 percent of all suicides.

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancers are one of the common diseases to affect men in the UAE. To increase your prostate health, and reduce the risk of cancer, choose a low-fat diet, maintain a healthy weight range, exercise regularly, and talk to your doctor about your risk.

Research studies say that men who ate the highest amounts of fat daily had a high risk of prostate cancer. So cut fat and include lots of fruits and veggies each day in your diet. Reduce the number of dairy products you eat each day.


There’s no definite way to prevent depression, but you can handle stress positively and improve your self-esteem. Give yourself some TLC. Eat well, sleep well, and have a regular exercise routine. Reach out to friends or family when things get hard. Get regular medical checkups.

If you have depression, stick with your treatment plan. Take your medication as prescribed.  Never skip therapy sessions.

Avoid recreational drugs and alcohol. Try meditation and yoga. Join a support group and spend time with family and friends.

Note down the things that make your symptoms worse, and inform your doctor or therapist about it. Avoid making big life decisions when you’re feeling down. Ask your therapist for medicines that keep depression from coming back.

Suicide prevention

Suicidal prevention starts with recognizing the warning signs and taking action seriously. The WHO reports that approximately one million people commit suicide each year. A suicidal person suffers from hopelessness, self-loathing, and isolation.

If you suspect something is wrong with a person, speak up, respond quickly in a crisis, offer your help and support, get professional advice, and follow up on treatment. Also, be proactive, encourage positive lifestyle changes, and continue your support over the long haul.

Movember tries to enhance the quality of men’s life. Support this movement and make a positive change in your unique way.

Companies Paving the Way Forward

UAS International Trip Support has an annual wellness program which consists partly of team-building activities and partly of Women and Men’s Health seminars focusing on everything from prostate cancer to mental health. The purpose of these seminars is to breach the taboo topics, create awareness and educate staff on the realities of all the challenges we face physically and mentally. The ultimate aim to equip staff to make informed decisions.