What is Office Hygiene: 5 Tips for Maintaining Hygiene in the Workplace

You yearn for those carefree days, where you threw caution to the winds and lived a carefree life.

But now?

Scary things are happening around the world; people are often getting sick. New plaques spring up like mushrooms.

The world is confused, and so are you. People are scared. And you begin to ponder the age-old sayings prevention is better than cure and cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Are they true?

Yep! Provided you keep your surroundings nice and clean.

Here are some guidelines to maintain hygiene in the workplace.

Office hygiene means following hygienic practices in the workplace. This helpful practice prevents the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses all over the workplace, reducing health risks and ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.

#1 Clean restrooms

Fresh and clean washroom increases employee health, satisfaction, and productivity. Unclean restrooms harbor dangerous bacteria-Nanovirus, shigella, salmonella, campylobacter, E Coli, and Staphylococcus aureus are a few hazardous microbes lurking in filthy toilets waiting to hurt you.

Regular deep cleaning and intensive biological treatments of urinals and toilet basins will eliminate nasty germs, odor, and dirt. Always ensure the toilets have toilet paper, running water, hand soaps, and drying equipment.

Thoroughly cleaning the toilet after every 2 to 3 hours ensures a fresh-smelling and safe bathroom. A sparkling nice smelling toilet is not only an excellent marketing tool but also protects employee wellbeing and health.

#2 Personal hygiene of employees

Shower regularly, keep your hair clean, take care of your dental health, use a deodorant, and maintain restroom hygiene.

Wash your hands often using a sanitizer. Ask the cleaning staff to regularly clean and sanitize countertops, mouse, keyboard, desktop, chair arms, and phone.

Get a vaccine or a flu shot. Likewise, wipe your nose with single-use tissues and cover your mouth and nose while sneezing or coughing. Remember to sanitize your hands after sneezing or coughing.

Avoid sharing cups, dishes, glasses, or cutlery. Distance yourself from places where the risk of infection is high.

#3 Clean air

Have you heard of sick office syndrome? Poor indoor air quality can make your staff sick. Poor air filtration and ventilation systems may encourage the growth of mold, dust, bacteria, and airborne viruses.

They may cause infections, flu, or common cold and affects employee productivity. It’s essential to add clean indoor air quality systems or retrofit existing ones to create a healthy workplace.

Clean indoor air reduces absenteeism, improves your bottom line, and increases productivity.

#4 Healthy food

If your company allows you to use the kitchen, then keep the area clean after using it. Wipe off any spills and put the trash in the garbage. Label your food if you’re using the company refrigerator.

Remove your food before it gets spoilt. If you use a toaster or a microwave, make sure you didn’t leave any crumbs. Never bring foods with strong odors that can leach and linger.

If any foodstuff slipped and fell on the floor, clean it up. When you see the trash overflowing or something seems out of place, call and request the cleaning crew to empty it.

#5 Clean drinking water

As an employer, it’s essential that you provide safe and sanitized water to your employees. If they drink contaminated water with micro-organisms, they may suffer gastrointestinal diseases.

You may stock up individual bottles of water, but it may be expensive. Alternatively, you can use a jugged or filtered water system. Germs may be rampant in a water cooler, so have it regularly monitored and cleaned.

As an employee, if you often suffer from waterborne illness, carry a water bottle from home, or drink lukewarm water. This practice reduces your exposure to germs and keeps you healthy.

You can do this

Cleanliness attracts a gush of positive energy into your workspace. Imagine working in a clean, fresh-smelling office with plenty of sunlight and lots of greenery. 

Naturally, you’ll feel pleasant and more productive, right?

Follow our guidelines to be more productive, healthy, and successful.