Your COVID-19 Work-From-Home Wellness Plan

COVID-19 lockdown has practically changed our lifestyle.

Work-from-home and online schooling has become the norm for at least a few weeks or months.

This sudden shift might boggle you.

You may even find it hard to adjust and feel your productivity is drastically affected.

Productivity is the lifeblood of work from home lifestyle.

Fret not!

Here is your work-from-home wellness plan to make the best use of this lockdown period.

Dress up for the job

Dress up in your formals-even while working from home. Occupational psychologists call this enclothed cognition-it’s a term to describe that clothes affect your behavior.

In a study, researchers found the participants who wore a white lab coat performed better than their counterparts in their attention test. To power up your productivity, have a shower, and skip into comfortable office gear-it sets an upbeat tone for the rest of your day. And you feel like you’re going to work.

Create an ergonomic workspace

Set up a separate office area to maintain a work-home boundary. Even if you don’t have a separate room to set up your office: it’s perfectly fine to create a comfortable working environment at a corner of your living room or kitchen table.

Physical therapists say that a table and a chair is the best ergonomic foundation where you can bend your elbows at 90 degrees. If you’re using a laptop, invest in a separate mouse and keyboard. To avoid neck and shoulder pain, raise your screen to eye level. Be on the move every hour or so.

Create a working environment that stimulates productivity

Environmental psychologists refer to a concept called the “refuge and prospect,” which says that you’ll be more comfortable sitting with your back to the wall while facing the window or door. The use of natural lighting increases productivity and reduces the strain on your eyes. 

Likewise, natural lighting reduces stress and increases your happiness quotient. Research says daylight exposure while working improves your sleep quality, enhances physical activity, and on the whole, a better quality of life. 

If possible, surround your workspace with greenery, research finds that enriching your office space with greenery increases workplace satisfaction, concentration, and perceived air quality.

Adjust your thermostat to your comfortable temperature-research shows that mildly cold and mildly warm environments increase human metabolism and productivity. Scientific literature says increasing temperatures from 68 F to 77 F. enhanced productivity and reduced errors.
Also, you can try the hack of the Pomodoro Technique-in this method, you set up the timer for 25 minutes of focus and enjoy a 5-minute break. 

Keep up your social connections. 

Man is a social animal. To maintain your sanity, you need to talk to other human beings. Self-isolating can increase your feelings of loneliness. Good relationships boost your health and productivity, preventing depression. Face-timing family and cuddling your pet are no-brainers-but remember to have a chat with your colleagues too. Meet up with your colleagues and friends online for lunch or coffee breaks, and have a lively conversation.

Learn something new

Use this beneficial window to learn something new-it might be an IT course, a new language, or a new hobby, anything that bolsters your cognition. Learning a new skill enhances your long term employability and improves your memory as well as your happiness.

Learning a new skill has several advantages-it prevents boredom, strengthens your neural pathways, and staves off dementia. And there’s even more, your brainpower increases, and you become a more interesting person.

Ace up your work-from-home experience

Show yourself some TLC, respect your circadian biorhythm, follow your natural sleep and wakeup routine, eat a healthy diet, meditate, get plenty of rest, never forget to workout and read something positive every day.

If you have any concerns, please call us or check our webinars that we host exclusively for your wholesome wellness. We are people who care about you.