Bringing Wellbeing to the Workplace

VIWELL Active is passionate about bringing wellbeing to the workplace, unlocking business potential, and accelerating performance through the power of sport.

What We Offer

  • Corporate Sport
  • Annual Engagement Programs
  • Team Building
  • Brand Activation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Event Management & Production

Our purpose is to empower employees to become more engaged, motivated, and productive by helping them flourish mentally, physically, and emotionally.

To achieve this, we assist corporates to customize and manage activities within their businesses that help elevate their brand, enhance morale, and boost performance and profits.

Through our customized corporate wellness programs, we help create a company culture that cultivates healthy lifestyle habits and skyrockets motivation and performance.

We also empower organizations to activate their brands by designing corporate or industry specific bespoke sporting events such as tournaments and sports days with associated CSR initiatives.

We offer a range of customizable events and programs in five specialist areas.

Sport,  Event Management , Team Building, Brand Activation, Corporate Social Responsibility

How organizations benefit

  • Happier individuals with healthier lifestyles
  • Increased engagement and performance
  • Boosted productivity and collaboration
  • Enhanced loyalty and retention
  • Lower absenteeism and healthcare costs

Our Products

Our annual wellbeing and events and sessions offer corporates unique sports experiences that promote employee wellbeing, engagement, and networking in the spirit of friendly competition.

Ready to bring wellbeing to your workplace!

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