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VIWELL is a holistic wellbeing provider, offering expert advice, wellbeing assessments and resources across all industries and sectors. Its goal is to unlock potential and increase performance by enhancing employees’ engagement, health, and happiness. In partnership with VIWELL, we can create customized holistic wellbeing programs for organizations of all sizes in both the private and public sectors to support their efforts towards sustainable wellbeing. Working in partnership with some of the wellness industries top experts, we empower companies to enhance their employees’ health and wellbeing. Our solutions help create a company culture that cultivates healthy lifestyle habits and boosts productivity.

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Our wellbeing solutions deliver on the Corporate Sports vision and aim to transform every aspect of health for organizations and their employees. We will inspire and empower them to make small, achievable changes in their regular routine.

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Corporate Sports wellbeing offerings

  • Team Building events
  • Company sports days and events
  • Interactive company challenges and rewards
  • The Self-Care Course: Taking Charge of Your Total Wellbeing
  • Project you: Taking care of yourself
  • Ergonomics for the spine
  • Managing Stress
  • How to avoid Burnout
  • Managing Depression in the Workplace
  • Dealing with Grief, Loss, and Change as an Employee
  • How to Train your brain for happiness
  • 1:1 Mental Health Coaching 
  • Food is your Mood
  • Healthy eating for working women
  • Food for Thought
  • Preventing Obesity
  • Healthy diet options
  • 1:1 Executive Coaching
  • Mastering your Money
  • Learning about debt and how to manage it
  • Retirement planning
  • Getting rid of financial stress
  • Steps to follow to obtain more financial freedom
  • Learning not to let money be the driving force of your life
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Managing Career Burnout
  • Career Change: The 5 Key Skills To Change Your Career
  • Mistakes to Avoid in Your Career
  • Key steps towards your next promotion
  • How to work toward Career success and happiness
  • The Importance of Social Connections
  • Important Social Skills
  • Balancing social and personal time
  • The ability to be who you are in all situations
  • Key steps to continually being able to maintain and develop friendships and social networks.
  • Power Social Skills

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