HENKEL team building

Big Picture painting

A huge thank you for the opportunity and privilege to plan your team-building event Henkel (UAE).  Part of the Corporate Sports stable of services, includes team-building events. An example of which was a full-day experience specifically tailored for our valued client, Henkel. We hosted just under 200 staff across various business units and job roles at a gorgeous venue on the Palm.


Create an experience to unite people from across the different business units, and engage them in meaningful activities that facilitate team work, whilst having fun.

The Activities

The Morning Activity

In collaboration with The Mawada Project and Companies for Good, the Henkel team hand-crafted toys for under-priviledged children.

The Afternoon Activity

Corporate Sports tailor designed the” Big Picture” which was the basis of a unique painting activity, which once complete and assembled, was a towering 3m x 5m sum-of-the-parts, revealed at the close of day. This was the largest known “Big Picture” painting in the world, on the day.