UAS bewell program

UAS BeWell

As part of its commitment to encourage better health, motivation, and happiness amongst all employees, UAS trusted Corporate Sports to build a Corporate Wellness Program in its Middle East Headquarters. Corporate Sports created a fully-fledged corporate wellness program for UAS encompassing several aspects of employees wellbeing for 12 months.


The objectives were to help appoint two new positions: Chief Wellness Officer and Chief Sports Officer. Additionally, to craft a logo and develop the brand guidelines for the program. Further to this, Corporate Sports developed a program which includes wellness sessions, engagement and sport activities with the aim of creating and nurturing measurable employee happiness levels.


UAS International Trip Support won the “Best Employee Engagement Strategy” at the Future of Workplace Awards 2019.

Sports Participation

UAS International Trip Support are consistent participants in the Corporate Sports events including the Championship 2019; Ramadan Tournament 2019 and the Summer Tournament 2019.

A few of their accolades include: the Corporate Sports Championship 2019 Basketball Champions.

The Activations

Men’s Health Seminars

With a special focus on Movember, our seminars cover all aspects of Men’s Health from Prostate Cancer to Mental Health.

Women’s Health Seminars

With a special focus on Breast Cancer Awareness, these seminars help elevate the awareness and educate the staff.

UAS Foosball Tournament

Simple, engaging and always great fun. Having a foosball table in the common areas of your office is an excellent way to bring colleagues together during those crucial minutes away from the desk. The Corporate Sports Team added a healthy competitive element on this and ran an Internal Foosball Tournament, crowing the UAS Foosball Champion of 2019.

Desktop Yoga Session

We organise desktop yoga sessions to get employees moving and stretching without having to move too far away from their workspace. This gets the blood circulating and activates all the right muscles to keep the body upright, and manage stress.