NMC Healthcare team building

Classic Team Building

A huge thank you for the opportunity and privilege to plan your team-building event Henkel (UAE).  Part of the Corporate Sports stable of services, includes team-building events. An example of which was a full-day experience specifically tailored for our valued client, NMC Healthcare. We hosted just under 70 doctors and staff across UAE MNC hospitals at a gorgeous venue on the The H hotel Dubai.


Create an experience to unite people from across the different healthcare units, and engage them in meaningful activities that facilitate team work, whilst having fun.

The Activities

Spaghetti building

The teams were issued with a packet of Spaghetti and their task was to design and construct a building with as long a central span as possible. The bridge must also be strong enough to hold a small marshmallow on the top.

Tower of terror

Starting at the top paper, each team had to yank out as fast as they can to make the cup fall down on top of the next cup. Continue until they get to the bottom.


The first player must bounce ping pong balls into 3 cups. Each player on the team must complete this task to win