Oasis Investment team building

Team building

Classic team-building is all about bringing back some childhood memories of the days when you were carefree! From Tug-of-War to gold mine field, these simple activities can be a fantastic laugh.


The main objectives of the beach olympics day was to collaborate beyond the office walls, build camaraderie and have some fun.

Sheet volleyball

Six pairs of players are given the challenge of tossing a volleyball across the opponent’s court using only their beach towels. Teams must make every effort to receive and throw the ball without allowing it to fall, or the opposite team earns the score.

Cage ball

A team of eight is given a set of rods with which they must move a ball out of the cage. The teams must work together and move in sync as the team that moves the ball the fastest wins.

Gold mine field

Groups compete against one another to collect as many gold coins as possible in a set amount of time. A blindfolded participant is given the duty of collecting the gold coins while avoiding the blast mines, relying solely on his group mates’ directions.