The Ultimate Team Building Activities Guide for 2022

Do you wonder what all the buzz is about team building activities is? Well, team-building activities build trust, improve communication, foster collaboration, and reduce conflict.

Effective team building creates engaged employees who are compatible with the corporate culture and contribute to the organization’s bottom line. Team building statistics from Gallup show that companies with highly engaged employees earn more. Customer satisfaction scores rise by 10%, and sales increase by 20% when teams are engaged.

What is a team-building activity?

Team building is turning a group of individual contributors and employees into a cohesive team.

Likewise, team-building activities motivate employees to work together to address their weaknesses, develop their strengths and encourage cooperation rather than competition.

What are the benefits of team-building activities?

These group activities not only create a relaxed environment but have plenty of benefits, including

  • Better problem-solving
  • Increased innovation potential
  • Happier team members
  • Less burnout
  • Enhanced personal growth
  • More opportunities for growth
  • Increased productivity,
  • Smarter risk-taking
  • Better communication
  • Improved morale
  • Increased motivation
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Growth in confidence levels
  • Enhanced mental health.

How can you instantly boost team morale with team building?

Various studies show that positive work cultures breed productivity, and it pays to keep your employees happy. Positive employee morale boosts efficiency in the workplace, and satisfied employees produce a higher quality of work.

Likewise, staff morale can save your company from loss should it hit hard times because if there’s any problem with staff morale, it’s unlikely anyone will work extra hard to keep the company afloat. If there’s a cordial relationship among employees, then they will do their best to keep the company surviving.

Similarly, strong work cultures will lead your company to attract and retain top talent reducing staff turnover and helping reduce your business cost. Employee morale helps reduce workplace accidents, which leads to fewer absences and helps lower workplace stress, leading to less paid-off time.

Here are some practical ways to boost employee morale.

  • Communicate often
  • Be transparent
  • Give employee recognition
  • Get employee feedback
  • Offer employee growth
  • Run a healthy, organized company
  • Train managers in emotional intelligence and leadership styles
  • Organize team-building activities
  • Provide employee benefits
  • Promote diversity
  • Encourage breaks
  • Prevent workplace bullying
  • Grow greenery inside the office
  • Create a relaxation room for people to destress and relax

How can you organize a team-building activity for your staff?

Planning a team-building event can be overwhelming. Trying to plan a successful team event all by yourself that will run smoothly on top of your everyday responsibilities can feel impossible.

If you feel overwhelmed, you can always contact our team of experts for a free consultation. Our employee engagement consultants can provide practical solutions according to your budget, location, and team dynamic.

Nevertheless, if you’re interested in tackling it yourself, here are some steps to simplify your planning process and organize a memorable event.

  • Set clear goals
  • Establish a budget
  • Involve the right people
  • Fix suitable time to conduct the activity
  • Use the outdoors to enjoy the activities.
  • Be more creative and make the activities exciting if conducted indoors
  • Plan events that make employees move out of their comfort zone
  • Include volunteer activities
  • Collect feedback

Why is team building considered the best to enhance employee engagement?

Team building is highly beneficial to businesses and organizations because it increases communication, planning skills, employee collaboration, and motivation. Likewise, fun team-building activities help employees see each other in a different light and allow them to mingle in a different environment facilitating long-term genuine connections and friendships.

Team building effectiveness statistics

  • Companies with an engaged workforce earn twice the revenue
  • Having a best friend in the workplace will make employees twice engaged
  • Nearly 75 percent of employees feel teamwork and collaboration are essential
  • Around 86 percent of executives think a lack of team spirit causes the failure of a company
  • Businesses that promote team building are 4.5 times less likely to lose their best employees

Listed below are reasons to consider team building as the best way to enhance employee engagement.

  • Builds valuable relationships
  • Boosts morale
  • Increases communication
  • Decreases burnout
  • Promotes positive mental health
  • Enhances company culture
  • Shows employee appreciation
  • Builds bridges across departments
  • Unlocks leadership potential
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Enhances collaboration
  • Fosters innovation and creativity
  • Enhances teamwork
  • Boosts team performance
  • Increases team spirit, fun, and motivation

What are the best team-building activities to boost performance?

An organization’s success rests on how well its employees connect and form mutually beneficial relationships to ensure a smooth workflow that boosts the bottom line.

Here is a list of team-building activities that will boost employee engagement, motivate your employees, and increase their confidence.

Two truths, one lie

In this game, every employee lists down two truths, one lie about themselves, reads them all out loud to their colleagues, and asks people to vote on which they think is a lie.

Lesson learned:

This game improves communication and helps everyone know each other’s personalities better.

Egg drop

Ask your team members to split into two teams with equal numbers. They have to design an egg package that can survive a 6-foot drop without breaking.

The team members can use various materials to build their egg packages. Also, they need to prepare a short 30-second advertisement to convey what makes their package unique. Following this, they have to drop their package to see if their product works.

Lesson learned:

This activity teaches teamwork, communication skills, and successfully working toward a common goal.

Coin logo ice breaker

In this activity, everyone designs their logo using the coins and other materials like pens, paper, and stationery.

Lesson learned:

This activity enhances creativity, breaks the ice, and increases self-awareness among participants.

Life highlights:

The participants close their eyes, visualize their most cherished memories, and decide which memory they want to relive if they have only 30 seconds left.

Lesson learned:

This team-building activity lets employees know each other more intimately, giving insights into their personality passions, preferences, and priorities.

  • Other team-building games you can try including
  • Sneak peek
  • Picture pieces
  • Plane crash
  • Loss at sea
  • Road map
  • Fun run

What is the budget required to organize a significant team-building event?

A simple way to create a sensible budget is to consult with your boss and decide on the amount of money available for the event. While doing so, try to keep your budget realistic but flexible for unexpected expenses.

You can budget for the following items.

  • Venue booking and permits
  • Transportation and parking
  • Food and beverage
  • Activity providers
  • Insurance
  • Fees charged for credit cards

It’s good that you plan and organize your team-building events. On the contrary, if you are unsure how to proceed, you can contact our Corporate Sports experts.

Contrarily, you can visit our website and create your event in the form given. Just fill up the objective, the start, and end date, preferred venue, number of participants, estimated budget, and the location. Our wellness counselors will contact you and effectively organize team-building events according to your specifications and budget.