4 Employee Engagement and Corporate Wellbeing Tools That Boost the Productivity of Your Workforce

4 Employee Engagement and Corporate Wellbeing Tools That Boost the Productivity of Your Workforce

Times are tough, so a simple smile with a “how are you today” can brighten anyone’s day. What if we apply this principle in a workplace scenario where communication is the cornerstone to successful employee engagement and corporate wellbeing?

The answer is a big yes!

Simple, uplifting words make team members feel appreciated, valued, and respected. Likewise, small acts of kindness help you win over and retain top talent.

Research shows that 60 percent of employees would work for less salary to have a compassionate boss. In comparison, 77 percent of employees will stay longer after office hours for an empathetic employer.

Similarly, workplace wellbeing is another factor that increases employee loyalty and performance. Research showed that 60% of employers reported that employee wellbeing program initiatives positively impact employee retention, while 61% believe they improve employee engagement and overall productivity. Thankfully in this digital age improving employee engagement and wellbeing is more accessible than before.

Employee engagement Vs. Corporate Wellbeing

When employees are productive, present-focused, energized, and are loyal to the organization’s core values. It is called employee engagement. At the same time, corporate wellbeing includes physical, emotional, and psychological health, effective social and community relationships, and financial stability.

When you combine wellbeing with engagement, it becomes a powerful combination. When your organization tries to improve both these aspects, you get engaged employees with wholesome, holistic wellbeing. Naturally, their productivity will be high, and they will become far more valuable to their employers.

Benefits of employee engagement and corporate wellbeing tools

Engagement is the strength of connection employees feel at work and their efforts to contribute to the organization’s success. Corporate Wellbeing means employees feel good both emotionally and physically, and it covers almost every area of their lives.

According to a research survey, employers who offer wellbeing programs reported the following:

  • 67 percent increased employee satisfaction
  • 63 percent increased financial stability and growth
  • 66 percent increased productivity
  • 50 percent decreased absenteeism

According to a Gallup study on employee, wellbeing, and engagement, employees who work in companies that use wellbeing initiatives have the following positives:

  • 27 percent show excellence in their work
  • 42 percent evaluates their life quality as high
  • Over the next 12 months,59 percent fewer employees look for a job in another organization.

When you include employee engagement and corporate wellbeing tools––the goals, values, management, innovation of your company culture are positively enhanced.

Every company wants happy employees. A healthy corporate culture will promote positive emotions and a happy mental state. As employees are healthier and more optimistic, they become more productive.

Unique Employee Engagement and Corporate Wellbeing Tools That Boost the Productivity

Corporate Sports offers unique engagement and wellbeing tools that promote employee wellbeing, networking, and productivity.

#1 Interactive Wellbeing Seminars

Bayzat – Stress in the Workplace Seminar

To improve health awareness, we organize seminars by subject-matter experts who are brilliant with crowds. Our corporate wellbeing seminars are fun, engaging, and highly interactive while also being educational and informative.

For example, we organized a “Stress in the Workplace” seminar where the participants received all the helpful information about stress, its symptoms, and how to reduce and control it effectively.

#2 Team Building Games

Infovista – Beach Olympics

Team building activities enhance communication, productivity, motivation, and employee morale. At Corporate Sports, we have developed a series of motivational games, sporting challenges, group initiatives, problem-solving activities, and leadership exercises that bring out the best in your employees.

Some of our notable projects include

  • The big picture painting
  • Classic team building
  • In-office games
  • Beach tournament
  • Film an advert

#3 Community & Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

Henkel – CSR event

Social responsibility activities build public trust, enhance positive relationships, and encourage professional and personal growth. We develop community and corporate social responsibility activities that are enjoyable and meaningful as well.

Some of the programs we organized include

  • Make dolls for refugee children
  • Save the planet. Plant trees
  • Make wigs for children with cancer
  • Help protect marine life by cleaning beaches

#4 Corporate Sports Tournaments

BCG team – Corporate Sports Championship 2019

Corporate sports events improve communication, increase productivity, and develops problem-solving skills among employees. At Corporate Sports, we help you plan and execute your sporting event to the highest standard.

Some of our notable corporate sports tournaments include

  • FIFA 20 Tournament Dubai Police
  • Championship 2020
  • Corporate Cricket Tournament 2021
  • Corporate Padel Tennis Tournament 2021
  • Corporate Football Tournament 2021

These are just some samples. Kindly visit our website to get a complete understanding of our portfolio.

Wrapping up

Imagine having a work team with high energy levels, job satisfaction rates, and better health. Yeah, you could quickly achieve it by using proper employee engagement and corporate wellbeing tools.

Whether your organization is in the public or private sector, big or small Corporate Sports offers influential CSR events and customized wellbeing programs to enhance employee engagement, happiness, health, and productivity.

To know more about our services, please give us a call. Our dedicated team of wellbeing professionals will help you create a company culture that cultivates healthy lifestyle practices that enhance productivity.