Employee Engagement is Not a One-Time Affair

Employee Engagement is Not a One-Time Affair

How engaged are your employees?

How do they feel about your organization?

Well, employee engagement is a powerful force that offers some incredible benefits to your organization.

Employee engagement benefits include happier employees, higher retention rate, better employee health, lower absenteeism, increased employee satisfaction, efficiency, and productivity.

Now, if you want to know more about employee engagement, this post clearly explains all about it. So, without much ado, on we go.

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement creates the best conditions for all your employees to give their best each day. It enhances their sense of wellbeing, makes them committed to your organization’s core values, and motivates them to contribute to its success.

Based on trust and honesty, employee engagement is a two-way communication and commitment between an organization’s leadership and its employees. It can be measured, nurtured, and increased. Contrarily it could be lost and thrown away.

Why employee engagement is not a one-time affair

Employee engagement is not a one-time affair as it requires continual development by incorporating new strategies. Or else, it could lead to stagnation and cause employee disengagement, which leads to the following factors.

Employees lack a sense of camaraderie

Accomplishments go unrecognized

Feeling stunted with no growth opportunities

Lack of understanding of the purpose

Management has no definitive guidelines

Employee disengagement is unproductive for your business and may cause some top performers to leave to greener pastures. But the good news is employee stagnation is treatable.

5 Employee engagement strategies for a highly productive workforce

The qualities of an engaged workforce are highly beneficial for your organization. Engaged employees clearly understand their role, are self-motivated, and look for training opportunities to further their skills. Moreover, they recognize the significance of their contribution and feel they belong to their organization.

Here are five research-proven strategies to enhance employee engagement and boost your business’s bottom line.

#1 Start from the bottom up.

A strong foundation ensures a strong building. Likewise, a happy workforce creates a successful enterprise. Based on this fact, any major decision in your company can start with your employees.

Conducting a survey is a good employee engagement strategy. Questionnaires and surveys help employees to voice out their opinions. When you ask their opinions, your employees feel entitled, respected, valued, and they have a sense of belonging to the organization.

#2 Maintain consistent two-way communication

Keeping employees in the dark or providing information on a need-to-know basis can lower employee engagement. Top leaders generally practice an open door policy and also encourage their employees to share their concerns. Simple steps such as putting posters in shared spaces and using intranet will keep employees in the loop of what’s happening inside the organization.

#3 Invest in wellbeing

Good health and wellbeing act as a core enabler of organizational performance and employee engagement. Fostering employee wellbeing prevents stress and creates positive working environments where employees thrive.

Investing in employee wellbeing reduces sickness absence, enhances productivity and performance, increases resilience, and improves employee engagement. However, wellbeing policies should not be isolated from everyday business. Instead, it must be integrated into company culture, people management, and leadership roles.

#4 Recognize good work

Create a recognition-rich environment where employees are recognized for their excellent work and rewarded with perks and incentives. Contrarily, recognition could be in the form of certificates of appreciation, pizza parties, a simple handwritten note of thanks, or a short personal meeting that makes employees feel validated and recognized. Whatever it may be, the ultimate goal is to appreciate employees for a job well done.

#5 Invest in the personal growth of employees

If you want to retain top-notch talent in your organization, then ensure the personal growth of your employees. Every human asset you possess needs to be polished and nurtured for the long-term growth of the organization. So how do you help employees grow? Encourage professional development, pair employees with mentors to create a positive working relationship, get employees out of their comfort zones and challenge them with varied assignments.

Likewise, help employees establish goals that align with their strengths to further their career opportunities within the organization. Help them build strong connections and show them that you trust them.

Take home message

Employee engagement is not a one-time affair. It needs nurturing, or else it may lead to stagnation. Engaged employees are healthier, happier, more satisfied, and highly productive, ensuring the successful long-term growth of your organization.

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