Employee Engagement – Medicine for any organization

If it’s the people that make the organization, company success is dependent on having a workforce that is highly enthusiastic and motivated. In this day and age, a workplace should be more than just somewhere people do shifts and then leave without any feelings of attachment… or worse still, with feelings of relief! They should ideally feel like their workplace is a second home and their colleagues a second family. This is only achieved through great employee engagement. Engaged employees are positive and excited by their work, willing to collaborate with their colleagues, and enjoy good communication with managers. Employees that are engaged are also more innovative and have more ideas and suggestions. They are also generally more productive; according to Gallup, highly engaged teams are 21% more productive than those that are less engaged. Here are some of the areas that benefit from creating the most positive and productive work environment; something all leaders should be actively aiming for.


You can feel employee engagement when you enter a workplace – it’s in the atmosphere. Investing in employee engagement means encouraging employees to create a better work-life balance so they tend to become healthier and happier. This creates a more energetic and positive work environment which leads to increased innovation, collaboration, and productivity.


Engaged employees have greater loyalty to their organizations because their employers make them feel appreciated and valued. This means employees want to perform better and stay longer, so retention ceases to be an issue. Absenteeism and stress levels also decrease. Another great result? The organization becomes an employer of choice… because word always gets around!


A rise in team spirit follows employee engagement. Why? Because employees feel more connected to their teams and take more pride in their jobs and consequently their company brand. Increased pride in their role in a company makes them more committed to the goals and values that go with it. This is what all employers should aim to inspire in their workforces. And another reason why employee engagement is just the medicine for any organization’s issues.