5 Mind-Blowing Team Building Activities to Build Trust Among Coworkers

5 Mind-Blowing Team Building Activities to Build Trust Among Coworkers

What makes a good team?

And the perfect answer is trusting relationships, higher productivity, workplace collaboration, and creative ideas.

The International Data Corporation points out that companies with highly collaborative teams will see 30 percent higher productivity, 30 percent higher revenue, and 30 percent lower employee turnover than their competition by the year 2024.

Focusing on relationships between team members has become more critical than ever in building solid teams. Join us as we discuss the ways and means to make strong teams through team-building activities.

Why does trust matter in a workplace?

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Trust is essential for your workforce because it provides a sense of safety, so team members will feel comfortable asking questions, expressing their thoughts, and sharing ideas.

A Harvard Business study points out that highly successful teams share a similar characteristic: team members take breaks, have side conversations, and frequently catch up on non-work topics.

Experts point out that trust among employees is a ‘must-have’ in today’s world and not ‘nice to have.’ Because trust enhances genuine workplace relationships where employees feel safe, valued, stay longer, and perform their very best work.

How to conduct team-building activities that build trust?

If you’re planning some team-building activities, make it known to your team members in advance, as they will have enough time to prepare, especially the introverts. Likewise, make available to them any personal questions you’ll be asking.

Likewise, get food catered or even include it as a team-building activity. Having lunch or a social get-together is the best time for your team to connect over non-work-related issues. Moreover, when people are nourished with food, they’ll be in a happy frame of mind.

Also, inform your top management about the team-building activities. You may invite them to participate or request to give an uplifting speech. Letting your seniors know beforehand helps them to prepare for the event.

Benefits of team building activities

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Team-building activities ensure a thriving company culture. It shows your employees that the organization is willing to invest in them. Here’s a lowdown of the benefits of team-building activities.

  • Increased productivity
  • Better communication
  • Enhanced motivation and morale
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved mental and physical health
  • Excellent creativity
  • Identification of leadership qualities
  • Increased trust, responsibility, and respect

5 Team building activities that build trust

Back-to-back drawing

Ask your team members to pick a partner and make them sit back-to-back. Give one person a blank pad and a pencil while his partner gets a picture. The person who is having the picture must instruct his partner what to draw on the pad. The goal is to see how the final drawing turns out. This activity might take just three minutes, and the things you’ll need are pens, paper, and an obscure picture.


Arrange several obstacles in an open space. Ask your employees to form pairs and blindfold, one partner. The person who can see must direct his blindfolded partner to cross the obstacles without running into anything. The blindfolded person must not talk but must trust and listen to his peer to achieve his goal. The time taken is 5 minutes per person, and the things you’ll need are obstacles and a blindfold.

Scavenger hunt

Scavenger Hunt is one of the most favorite team-building activities, so arrange one for your team when holidays are approaching. Divide your team members into small groups and ask them to find the items as quickly as they can.

To make sure teams don’t crash each other, make them start from different map areas. In this activity, team members will work together to find the objects to increase their friendship and trust. The time limit for this activity would be 15 to 30 minutes, and all you’ll need are fun objects that team members will identify.


Divide your teams into six groups. The leader pretends to suffer from frostbite and can’t move—likewise, the team members have snow blindness. The activity here is the team should pitch a tent after hearing the instructions from their leader. Remember, the team members pretend they can’t see. The time taken is 50 minutes, and the tools required are papers and cards to build the tent.

Icebreaker questions

Icebreakers help coworkers connect on a personal level. It’s a classic team-building activity that can range from a single question to a series of questions. The questions can be about anything related to a person’s life, such as his hobbies, favorite items, pet projects, things he would like to improve on, and thoughtful questions. Team members may feel safe and prepared if these questions are shared with them in advance.

Corporate sports team building sporting challenges

At Corporate Sports, we help organizations host team-building activities, be it to engage, inspire, rebuild your team, or just to have fun.

The Big Picture Painting

Our experts will design The Big Picture, which will be your company’s logo and brand elements. Each team has to draw, scale, and paint the picture and then all the frames are put together for the big picture reveal.

Classic Team Building

Bring back your childhood memories with these old school games, including tug of war, spoon races, and a three-legged race.

In-office games

Our wellbeing experts will design short game activations with a specific purpose that transforms the whole environment into laughter and friendship.

Beach tournament

We organize beach tournaments with a few icebreakers and tailor activities as much or as little as you prefer. Your employees will enjoy the sun, sand, and the sea and develop genuine friendships among coworkers.

Film an advert

We’ll divide your team into groups and will give them a brief. The team members have to conceive the idea, write the script and allocate roles to each member. Finally, we’ll show the ads and select the winner.

What mind-blowing team building activities are you planning for your team

A few thoughtful gestures towards your employees will result in long-lasting friendships that are trustworthy and enhance loyalty towards your organization.

Why not try some team-building activities for your employees? If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Our wellbeing experts will effectively conceptualize activities suitable to your needs and budget and plan activities that ensure a fun, carefree, and memorable day for your employees.