Want to help your company? Engage with others! Or How engaging with other companies helps yours

We know how important internal engagement is to build relationships and enhance positivity and productivity within organizations. However, external engagement also plays a prominent role in the achievement of better employee wellness and business performance. Here’s how engaging with other companies can help yours.

Firstly, let’s clarify what it means to engage with other companies. Basically, external engagement is when two or more organizations come together for some kind of social or sporting event or to compete with each other in some way. It can happen in many ways and on either large or small scales. Large-scale events would be regional or national corporate championships where multiple organizations get together to compete in a range of different sports. Smaller, more intimate events would be inter-company events or small tournaments with just a few companies taking part.

So, let’s look at the benefits of external engagement… in no particular order:   

Competitive boost

Who doesn’t love a bit of friendly competition? When we’re at work we are part of a team with a joint objective, encouraging us to be more collaborative than competitive. However, our competitive streaks are inspired when we are up against teams or individuals from outside our company. The spirit of friendly competition encourages us to push each other to excel in a structured and mutually respectful way.

Organizational unity

Representing your organization and cheering on your colleagues inspires strong feelings of unity as well as immense pride in the brand. The nature of competition with an outside entity heightens bonds between colleagues. It also allows for another opportunity to build on the interpersonal relationships between colleagues, employers, and employees. This is magnified even further when families also get involved.   

Positive publicity

Taking part in inter-company events raises an organization’s profile and brand identity both in its sector and its locality. Media coverage of these events shows how employers value work-life balance. They also provide great material for marketing departments to demonstrate their level of investment in employee wellbeing.

Easy networking

Whether an employee works in sales, communications, or procurement, the wider their network, the better it is for themselves and their organization. External events are great opportunities to create new contacts, meet potential clients, and forge future partnerships. Doing this in a memorable and enjoyable way is just a bonus!