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Corporate team building activities dubai

Are you on the lookout for meaningful employee team building activities Dubai? Then pat yourself; you’re in the right place at the right time.

Dubai is a thriving city, and there’s no lack of ideas to keep your team entertained. Here at Corporate Sports, we help strengthen the bond between your team members with activities that are carefully customized according to the specific needs of each team.

Team building activities enhance communication and increase employees’ productivity, motivation, and morale. Likewise, they boost creativity confidence levels, improve leadership qualities, mental health, and physical health.

Moreover, they encourage responsibility, trust, respect, and provide loads of fun. Here we bring you the top 10 employee team building activities in Dubai.

Top 10 Corporate Employee team building activities Dubai

#1. The Big Picture

Enjoy a half or full day of team building fun with our Big Picture activity. Suitable for every age group, the basic number of participants is 12, but more participants are always welcome. The Big Picture activity increases team cohesion and brand awareness. In this activity, participants create a colossal painting that reflects your company values or highlights a significant event or a new product.

#2. Beach Olympics

Escape the office, home, and chat rooms and give your teams a breath of fresh air and a chance to reunite outdoors safely. Beach tournaments create meaningful bonds, enhance work-life balance and companionship, and increase performance and productivity.

Beach Olympics is one of our top team building activities, suited for all age groups, and can be timed for half or a full day of fun. The number of participants can range from 12 to 200. Our wellness professionals will customize according to your requirements and make the activity more fun by adding a few icebreakers and friendly competition.

#3. Office Games activity

Bringing game time into the office creates a fun-filled atmosphere, rejuvenates your employees’ spirits, and dramatically boosts their enthusiasm for work. Creativity knows no bounds, and we can play hundreds of games in your workplace. Our wellness professionals will customize all the games to your specific purpose and space. The games are designed to break the ice, build bonds, and ensure everyone is laughing and having fun.

#4. Cycling Race events

Encourage your employees for some friendly competition with our road cycling challenge at the Al Qudra Cycling track and have some enjoyable moments.

By participating, not only do your corporate team members are benefited, but you can position your company as a brand that promotes a healthy, active lifestyle and reach a new audience.

Plus, your team members stand a chance to win some fantastic prizes. When your team competes in the 85 km cycle race, they get a chance to mingle with like-minded professionals and enjoy snacks and refreshments throughout the race. They also get a branded T-shirt.

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#5. Ramadan League

Ramadan is a time to grow spiritually, become close with God, and spend time with family and friends. During this blessed month, we organize Ramadan League to allow your colleagues, family, and friends to come together and spend some well-deserved time in sports, health, and wellness.

The league includes basketball, badminton, cricket, football, table tennis, and volleyball. These games ensure lots of laughter and boost camaraderie, corporate team building, and friendly competition. There are lots of gold, silver, and bronze medals to be won, and enjoy some friendly banter while tasting the refreshments and snacks that we offer throughout the tournament.

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#6. Team Building activity Seminars

Seminars foster stronger bonds of trust and act as a fertile ground to reap a bountiful harvest of fresh and exciting ideas. Likewise, wellness seminars educate team members about healthy behaviors, reduce health risks and stress impact, improve productivity, enhance teamwork, and lower employer’s healthcare costs.

Our corporate wellness seminars help your employees have a relaxing day by attending and gaining in-depth knowledge about healthy behaviors. For example, some of our successful events included

Bayzat: Stress at Workplace seminar

UAS Men’s Health Seminar

Mashreq Bank Charity Run

Our team-building wellness activities help create a company culture that encourages healthy lifestyle habits and increases productivity.

#7. Social responsibility corporate team building activities

Sponsoring an employee volunteer program helps team members communicate openly and optimistically about their jobs and makes them more motivated and creative. Studies show that supporting your team and community boosts employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity, which funnels up to higher revenues.

At Corporate Sports, we work with passionate suppliers about specific initiatives that ensure meaningful actions and a fun day for participants.

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8. Tree planting

Mother Nature suffers a lot due to the drastic effects of climate change. As responsible citizens of Earth, we encourage programs such as tree planting to protect the environment and allow your team members to put their green thumb to best use.

We offer refreshments and an introduction to the local background, after which your team members will be whisked to a nearby forest to plan regional and national trees. As a classic finish, your team ends the day with a lovely picnic in a stunning nature reserve.

9. Making dolls for refugee children

The small things in life make a significant difference in someone’s life. Developing empathy among team members helps them be more aware and encourages a better understanding of working well with others.

Making dolls for refugee children is a unique activity by the Corporate Sports wellness professionals. Your team members will embark on a journey of creativity and make beautiful dolls to be gifted to underprivileged children.

The activity begins by informing the participants about the refugee children and teaching them some basic sewing techniques. Then we’ll teach step-by-step procedures for making dolls. After completion, your team will enjoy a group photo and pack their little dolls to be sent to the refugee children.

10. Make your team participate in some best employee team building events in Dubai.

Keeping your team members happy have far more benefits than you can ever think of–––it creates a more successful work environment that’ll ultimately boost your financial bottom line. Corporate Sports conducts the best team building activities in Dubai. So why not visit us and see the difference?

Our rates are highly affordable, and our service is highly effective. The number of positive reviews we get stands as a testament to the quality of service we provide.

So visit us today, and our wellness experts will guide you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some excellent corporate team building exercises?

Some exciting team building activities include the following

  • Solve a puzzle
  • The big picture
  • Share your personality
  • Play team or board games
  • Create a scavenger hunt
  • Untangle a human knot
What are the four main types of corporate team building activities?
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Creative thinking
  • Employee bonding
What do employee team building activities do?

Team building activities encourage collaboration, motivate people to work together, and help them address their weaknesses and develop their strengths.

Are corporate team building activities practical and effective?

Employee team building activities are practical and improve the general functioning of your team. If these activities are followed with an objective, it effectively increases the interaction among team members.

Is virtual team building a waste of time?

No, if done rightly, virtual team building produces significant results. Organizing team building activities that connect collaboration to success-minded people’s motives results in productive teamwork.

How do indoor team-building sessions increase productivity?
  • Team building brings to the fore hidden potential
  • Improves communication
  • Creates new productive experiences
  • Develops skills
  • Betters working relationships
  • Increases innovation
  • Maximizes profits
How much do companies spend on employee team building?

It varies by company, and so there is no perfect answer. Some companies do team-building activities once per year, while others do multiple times. The amount spent can even vary significantly by the department.

Why do corporate team building activities fail?
  • Employee team building activities fail due to the following reasons:
  • Not having clear goals
  • Not knowing the audience
  • Forced participation
  • Lack of buy-in from managers
  • Lack of addressing internal problems within the organization.
What are some corporate team building skills?
  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Listening
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Leadership qualities
  • Collaboration
What are the pros and cons of team building activities?

Some of the pros of employee team building activities include

  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Increased understanding among teammates.

Some cons of employee team building activities include

  • Team building can be a costly process
  • Results achieved may sometimes be short-term in nature.